How to Use SEO to Reach Multiple Cities For your Local Business

SEO to Reach Multiple Cities

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

June 15, 2022

When it comes to search engine optimization, location-targeting is one of the fascinating aspects.

You may target a wide range of locales to get the right audience. Targeting your demographics may be done in many different ways, some better than others. Fortunately, the 150+ specialists at Rank Fire can point you on the proper path so that you may achieve success with SEO to target many cities! If you’d like a free SEO review, please contact us online or give us a call at 833-777-RANK.

Learn the dos and don’ts of targeting numerous cities in an SEO campaign by reading and implementing the strategies.

Do not spread yourself too thin at the outset of your campaign.

Start with the cities and towns you’re most familiar with in your area. You don’t have to refer to them by their full names all the time. Philadelphia is known as Philly; Los Angeles, California, as L.A; and Las Vegas, like Vegas, are a few examples.

Keeping track of things is critical to the success of these plans. The language, dialect, and idioms relevant to a certain region should be used. Throughout the Northeast, soft drinks are typically referred to as “soda,” but they are known as “pop in the Midwest.” If you mix up basic remarks like that, customers may believe you’re trying to sway them rather than appealing to their wants.

Keeping track of all of this data is easy if you create a spreadsheet containing your target places, nicknames, business districts, slang, phrases, and other relevant information. It’s good to keep track of what information goes where to avoid confusion.

Do not attempt to cover every city on a single page.

Isn’t it strange how landing pages in other cities seem like they belong in other cities? People in Boston, MA, have a hard time dealing with the more appropriate terminology for Denver, CO.

Is this clear?

A separate landing page should be created for each city you’re trying to reach. It’s important to mention the city name a few times in your page’s content to prevent seeming robotic or planned, as well as precise allusions to streets, well-known landmarks, and other particulars.

You may also include regions rather than just single cities. Grits are well-known in southern cities, whereas gambling is well-known in the Las Vegas area. Your landing pages can sound a lot warmer and more appealing if you use that type of information to your advantage.

For each city’s page, do add fresh material.

Every city-specific landing page you create and optimize should have fresh content. A few tweaks here and there aren’t enough to make a big difference. This might harm both sites’ SEO and your business’s reputation in the long run. Your visitors will ultimately notice, and Google could see the material as duplicated, too similar, or derivative.

Though, templates may still be used for basic site layout and page generation. A unique layout, content, photographs, videos, and other features are needed to ensure that each page will rank highly for its keywords.

Add new pages to your website as soon as possible.

You should upload your pages to your website as soon as they are finished. To begin ranking for keywords, they need to be indexed quickly. There’s no actual benefit to releasing pages more slowly than other firms do. Get them to work for you as soon as possible.

It’s acceptable if you want to execute a gradual release to examine how each page performs analytically. Make a strategy and stick to it. What will you do if, for example, one of the landing pages fails to do well statistically? What are your plans to make it a better performer in the long run? Before you begin your analysis, know the answers.

Make sure to include both internal and external connections on your website.

When establishing new landing pages, it’s crucial to include links. It’s important to have internal and external links on each page of your website to assist Google in indexing your site and to convince clients that you’re a source of trustworthy information. In addition, connecting to reliable sites improves your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). domains, universities, and other local organizations to link to on location-based landing pages show that you know the area. In these communities, the more you can connect with the people, the more likely they will be to like you, purchase from you, or use the service you provide. As a result, targeting certain locations with local SEO may significantly impact your company’s success.

Think about outsourcing some work if you don’t have time to construct your pages for the niches you want to focus on. The Rank Fireteam of skilled marketers is ready to help you achieve your SEO objectives since we’ve had proven success with hundreds of customers. Your business’s success is our priority, and we’ll do all in our power to make it happen.

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