How to Pick the Best Roofing Company Name

Pick the Best Roofing Company Name

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

June 2, 2022

Name selection is important because it allows you to convey your vision, beliefs, and personality to potential customers through the words you use to describe your new roofing business.

Choosing a good roofing company name can help you attract more customers and set your firm apart from the competitors, especially online.

Your roofing company’s name is the first thing potential customers hear about your firm. In the same way, trademarks and logos are important intellectual property, so is brand equity.

As a result, finding a catchy name for your roofing company can be a challenge, but it is not insurmountable. If you want a name for your roofing company that you can be proud to use on your website and business cards, this piece is for you.

What does it mean when you call someone by their given name?

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An important part of your branding strategy is choosing the right name for your roofing company, as it tells potential customers what you do. Choosing the wrong name could scare away potential customers before you’ve had a chance to explain what you do and who you are.’

When Deciding On A Name For Your Roofing Firm, Keep These Points In Mind

Make Your Roofing Company’s Name Stick in People’s Minds

Consider your company name’s sound, length, and spelling as a top concern when naming your roofing firm.

If your target customers cannot pronounce your company name, it could hurt your brand. The thought of property owners mispronouncing your roofing company’s name is terrifying. Consider the pronunciation of potential names for your roofing firm with a few people you trust before making a final decision. If your name is difficult to pronounce, type it in the box.

Prospects seeking your roofing company online will have a tough time finding you if your name is difficult to spell. Property owners may stumble across your roofing business if they have trouble spelling your name.

In the worst-case scenario, your competitors will find you first. Ensure that if potential customers are searching for your roofing business, that difficult spelling does not deter them.

Customers may have difficulty recalling the name of your roofing firm if the name is lengthy enough. Make sure your name is short so that you can attract more customers. The name of your roofing company must be basic enough for the people you’re trying to reach. As a result, people will be more likely to spread the word about your roofing company and remember it.

Boost the Visibility of Your Roofing Company’s Brand

Studies have demonstrated that people remember visuals better than auditory information. You may boost your chances of being noticed by customers by integrating a visual element in your roofing company name.

This might mean coming up with imaginative and memorable titles for your roofing company or including the company name in your logo. You should get your name out there to distinguish yourself from the other roofers in your city or town.

Consider the Name of Your Roofing Company Carefully to Make a Strong Connection to Your Brand

During this stage of developing a roofing brand strategy, use tactful language selection. For different people, different words have different connotations. If you’re a roofing contractor, you’ll want to ensure that your company name includes descriptive, compelling, and positive terms.

Make sure to verify the meanings of your company name in the languages and areas where you plan to conduct business.

Pick a name for your roofing company that relates to what you do.

Even with a well-executed roofing brand strategy, it will take time for your company’s name to become well-known to the general public. Make sure that the name of your roofing firm reveals what you do to potential customers.

Making your company’s internet presence more visible will allow you to better define your brand. Make sure the name you choose is relevant to the roofing sector and your potential customers.

Decide on a Roofer’s Company Name Only After Confirming the Domain Name is Available

For a roofing company, checking if the domain name is still available is one of the most important procedures. Your roofing firm won’t have an internet presence if you don’t have a domain name. When it comes to roofing marketing, having a domain name is essential; otherwise, you risk losing out on many potential customers.

Check the availability of corresponding domain names while pondering roofing business name options. If none of your top choices for the name of your roofing company are available, another option is to purchase a domain name.

To distinguish yourself from other roofers, pick a memorable company name.

A strong brand will greatly aid your new roofing company’s success. Roofers know that a unique roofing company name generates a distinct brand and presence for their organization. It’s not just boring, but your roofing marketing will suffer if you use an initials-and-letters-only company name. Your roofing firm should have a name that stands out from the rest of the competition.

Trademark The Name of Your Roofing Contractor

Before registering your roofing company, one of the last procedures is to make sure your name is accessible for registration. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office must receive trademark applications. You may check the availability of your trademark with a quick Google search.

To be confident that your company name is available, you need to employ an experienced attorney to conduct a thorough search. Forming a corporate entity with the secretary of state where your firm is based is essential if you want to protect yourself and your company from any potential legal liabilities.

Ways to Come Up with Roofing Company Names

The next step is to develop a name for your roofing company if you have a clear understanding of your ideal customers, competitive advantages, business vision, and strategy. In addition, it’s a good idea to check out the names of roofing companies that are already out there.

It is easy to come up with new names for your roofing company if you look at the existing ones. Directory sites like HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, and Angie’s list have examples of good roofing company names.

To begin the naming process, think about the message you want to send to your target audience. Take a moment to think about what the client can gain from collaborating with your roofing company.

Many businesses, not just roofing contractors, begin by establishing a brand identity. Many people make the same mistake over and over again. In actuality, the order should be reversed. Creating your roofing brand message and goal statement, slogan, and the ideal voice comes before naming your roofing firm. These factors can help you come up with a memorable name for your roofing business.

Choosing a roofing company name that you like and resonates with your intended customer base is the first step toward a successful and attractive name for your business.

  • Choosing a name that brings back pleasant memories for your customers will help them connect with your business more emotionally.
  • Do not use names that are difficult to pronounce or too long for your target audience.
  • Online name generators (free or paid) are a great source of inspiration for new roofing company names.
  • Don’t confuse your potential customers or clients with obscure technical terms.

Success Factors for the Roofing Industry

Plan your company’s future

To make selecting a roofing company name easier, you should have a solid business plan outlining your long-term goals.

Decide on an Organizational Structure

There may be fewer restrictions on registering the name of partnerships and sole proprietorships because the law does not recognize them as legal entities. Corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) must meet several criteria before registering their name.

Choose a Roofing Specialization

Including the word “repairs” in the name of your roofing firm makes sense if you plan to focus on repairs. As soon as potential customers see your company’s name, they’ll know that you’re an experienced roofer.

Reach a broader demographic.

If you have a wide range of expertise but aren’t sure where you want to take your business, you shouldn’t limit the name of your roofing company to a single specialty. Your business can be called “roofing contractor” instead of just “general contractor.” The name of your roofing company could be Elite Contracting.

Think about the people you want to reach.

What kind of customers are you hoping to entice? Names like “Affordable Roofing” won’t make sense to the wealthiest clients if you live in an affluent neighborhood. A generic roofing company name that conveys distinction and quality would be your best bet in this situation. Affordability conditions may be appropriate if you’re operating in an area with a low income.

You should pick a catchy but simple Roofing Company Slogan.

As a roofing firm, you can use a basic name and focus on a memorable tagline that will help you stand out from the competition. Taglines like “Your Roof Replacement Expert” can be used to promote your roofing firm.

You should verify that the name of your roofing company is legal

Choosing a company name is only the first step; you’ll also need to register it with the right authorities. Check if it hasn’t already been trademarked or used by another local roofing company. Your roofing firm’s name must be registered to be taxed.

Your roofing company’s name should be incorporated into your website’s URL.

A business’s name as its physical address may seem like a brilliant idea for all its convenience. Additionally, you can choose a domain name that matches your area of expertise. Here, the goal is to pick a web address that is easy to remember and spell.

Your company name must be relevant to you, your customers, and the roofing industry. Because you’ll only be naming your roofing company once, take your time to develop a name that stands out from the crowd.

Common Names for Roofing Contractors Patterns

Your First and Last Name

The majority of roofers want to brand their business after their name. Jameson Roofing and Drainageand Anderson-Peterson Roofing are two real-life instances of roofers who have used this method.

Having a roofing firm named after you or your partner gives it a more personal sense. Because your business appears to be tiny, focused, and responsible, you will attract clients. Having a direct line of communication with your customers is vital for many property owners.

You may, however, make a few mistakes if you choose this route. Customers may have difficulty finding your roofing firm on the internet if the name is difficult to pronounce or not widely known in your area. A similar rule applies when a name has more than one possible spelling.

When it comes to roofing marketing, if your name is too generic or boring, it may be tough to get people excited. If you name your roofing company “John Roofing,” you’ll have difficulty competing with the competition.

By utilizing your name, you may potentially be limiting the expansion of your roofing firm. It may be difficult to sell a roofing company because the new owners will have difficulty carrying on your heritage. Selling your roofing company may not be a problem for you, but retirement may be. As soon as they are ready to retire, many roofers choose to sell their firm for a tidy sum.

Place of Residence

In addition to including your company’s location into your business name, another common trend is to do so. America Roofing and Remodeling, Langley Roof Co. Ltd., Music City Roofers are just some roofing firms that have adopted this practice.

You must have a reliable connection to your region of operation when you first start your roofing company. A location in your company name may help your roofing website’s traffic and search engine exposure, and potential customers will know right once you service their area.

On the other hand, you may be constrained by the name of a local roofing firm. In the minds of potential customers, your name is an accurate representation of your service area.

Getting new clients can be difficult if you move to a different service region. A day will come when property owners want a new type of roof at a reduced price, even if you don’t want to leave your community and keep your firm small. To keep your roofing business afloat, you must take action.

You should aim to be as broad as feasible in your company name if you’re based in a specific place. It’s weird to call yourself a Middle Tennessee Roofing Company when you only cover one city. To reach clients outside of your city, selecting a county is a good idea.

Your Area of Expertise

Incorporating your specialty into the name of your roofing company is an excellent idea because it clarifies to potential customers what market you cater to or what additional talents you can offer. Examples of real-life roofers that have added a specialization to the name of their business include High-Tech Roofing Restoration LLC, Direct Roofing and Waterproofing Ltd, and so on.

The reverse is also true: adding a specialty to your roofing company’s name can restrict you, but not in the same way as a name that is specific to a specific place. It is best to include a specialization after knowing that the specialty will make up a significant portion of your overall revenue. As a result, specializations can help your company stand apart from the competitors.

People, Colors, and Objects

Your roofing company name can take on a personality of its own if you incorporate objects, animals, or colors into the name. Several roofers have adopted this strategy, including; Roof Monkeys LLC, Black & White Roofing, and Apple Roofing.

For example, you’ll notice that roofers who employ this trend tend to go for familiar, popular items. The general population employs the majority of roofers. Therefore they want to make sure that everyone knows what they’re saying.

When serving any property owner, you’ll need to pick something they’re already familiar with. Make a decision you’re proud of and one you know you’ll be able to stand behind for a long time.


As a roofing company, you can send a specific message about your firm by including an adjective in your name. Amazing Roofing Ltd, Speedy Roofing, and Exteriors Ltd are just a few roofing companies that have adopted this naming pattern. Each of these titles provides a brief description of the business’s activities.

Being too obvious or cliche, such as “the top roofing company in Nashville,” is a big no-no when adopting this pattern. Indeed, the titles of the most prominent roofing companies appear to be misleading.

On the other hand, there are certain common advantages to using specific adjectives in the name of your roofing firm. When seeking a roofing company, a potential customer may use these terms. “Best roofing contractor,” “Reliable roofer,” and “Reputable roofer” are terms that customers will use when searching for your services online.

The strength of your firm can be demonstrated by naming your roofing company after an adjective. Five Star Roofing & Restoration, LLC is one roofing company that has done this successfully. Stop Roofing, exteriors, and more are all included. These roofers send a strong statement about tradition and strength through their work.

Made-up Names of Roofing Contractors

Many roofers are naming their businesses by simply piling up letters or condensing words in today’s market. Protouch Restoration and Ecotek Energy Roofing & Solar are two roofing businesses that have embraced this new trend.

New roofers who are just getting their firm off the ground may have difficulty with such names. Because of their uniqueness and availability, these names can appeal to your target market.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your roofing company’s name stands out from the crowd.

Choosing a memorable name for your roofing business is essential to attracting and keeping customers. To comply with the legislation, the name must be distinctive because no two businesses in the same industry have the same name. A trademark on the name of your roofing company cannot be applied for either.

As a first step, run any potential roofing company name through an internet search to see whether it is available. Use Google or directory sites like HomeAdvisor or HomeStars to find a contractor.

Several trademark-related issues are dealt with differently in Canada than in the United States. Consult an attorney before registering the name of your roofing firm to ensure that the name is available. Do not use the same roofer’s company name as your own, even if the other contractor hasn’t registered their trademark for the name.

A legal professional or an online search can help you find out whether there are any limits on using your roofing company’s name in your location. When starting or looking for roofing business, legal advice is essential. Finally, ensure that your roofing company’s name is memorable and stands out from the competition.

Registration of the Name of Your Roofing Firm

Choosing a name is the first step in registering it with the government. Depending on the type of business structure you choose and the jurisdictions you operate, the process will vary. If you choose the sole proprietorship type, your firm will be registered in your home state or province.

Every state has its own set of regulations governing how businesses can operate. Legal experts should be hired to ensure that your business is properly insured and licensed. If you make an error, it could lead to a lot of trouble.

The Internal Revenue Service will also ask you to obtain a Tax Identifier Number or Tax account when registering your roofing company name (IRS). To understand your tax obligations, it is essential to get professional advice. It is now a legal entity if your roofing company name has been registered.

Decide on a Name for Your Roofing Company Right Now!

Choosing a name for your roofing firm is a great opportunity to clarify your company’s mission. Your company’s strengths, marketing message, and expertise will be better communicated if you have a catchy name for your roofing business.

You can find a distinctive name for your roofing company by researching similar businesses and asking family and friends for suggestions. Consider your internet marketing alternatives and improve your roofing company’s identity digitally.

Let Rank Fire | SEO Roofing Marketing help you choose a name for your roofing firm. Get a roofing company name immediately by scheduling a free strategy session with our specialists!

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