Top 10 Tips to Improve Brand Perception of Your Roofing Company

Brand Perception of Your Roofing Company

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

May 4, 2022

Get more leads and outrank other roofers on the internet by improving your professional image.

Attract more prospects

To succeed in the roofing sector, you must do all to stand out from the competition. In many cases, it comes down to the impression you make on your clientele. Every homeowner appreciates a roofer who is kind, reliable, and always on time.

The professional image of your roofing business may be made up of a variety of elements that influence how your customers see you. Professionalism refers to how you carry out your roofing company responsibilities by your established ideals, such as honesty, integrity, and dependability.

Your roofing company’s professional image may be improved by following these research-based tips:

Make a Custom Logo and Put It on Everything You Can

An eye-catching, distinctive, and professional-looking roofing company logo may be created and used on anything from uniforms, websites, and social media accounts. Initial impressions count, whether made by an employee who answers a prospect’s first call or a roofing specialist who travels to a client’s location.

Your company’s first impression of prospective customers might be enhanced by developing a distinctive roofing logo.

Customers looking for a logo with a polished finish may be turned off if your roofing logo seems amateurish, tacky, or unprofessional. First impressions are critical for attracting new customers, and a well-designed roofing logo can help you gain their trust and confidence.

In addition to logo creation, business cards, personalized leave-behinds, and letterheads for our roofing clients at Rank Fire | SEO, we also provide a full suite of professional image-building materials.

Preserve a Clean, Classy Image

When you meet with a client, you have to put your best foot forward as a roofer. When you arrive in a client’s home, make sure your workplace is clean and tidy, remove your shoes, and keep the mess from a job to a minimum.

If you’ve just come off a worksite, don’t forget to change into casual business gear and consider wearing clothing with your roofing company’s logo and name. For an affordable fee, Rank Fire | SEO can assist you with creating bespoke logos and other marketing materials for your company.

Make Your Roofing Business a Professional Online Presence with a Responsive Website

Real estate owners now have access to more information than ever before, thanks to the widespread availability of that data through the internet. The first step in selecting a roofing contractor is to research online.

Having a professional website with testimonials, project samples, images, reviews from delighted customers, and the opportunity to obtain a free quotation online is very crucial for your company.

Creating a roofing website might be a challenge if you’re not tech-savvy. You can count on our web designers at Rank Fire | SEO to produce an eye-catching, professional roofing website that will attract your ideal customers.

Set Up a Prominent Online Presence

If you’re in the business of selling roofs, social media is an excellent tool for generating leads, building a fan base, and controlling your brand’s image.

As many as 80% of people in the United States use social media to connect and learn about local roofing firms. Having a professional Facebook, LinkedIn, or local neighborhood app like Next door account is necessary.

Your social media profiles should include information about your roofing company (such as a link to your roofing website) and high-quality images of your prior work.

Generate an audience of followers and likers by consistently posting new material on social media and managing your online reviews. This will assist you to look more established and build a loyal following.

To assist your company to establish a strong social media presence, here are some pointers:

  • To get your audience’s attention, you need to keep your jokes brief and to the point.
  • The more you see, the more you understand! In place of simple text, use images like infographics, movies, and photographs. There are several ways to make instructive films, such as focusing on your roofing services or goods. Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are essential since they are all visual if this is the case.
  • Schedule material for each social media page. To begin, focus just on one social media site before expanding. If you want to boost your company’s social media presence, you must constantly provide new and interesting material.
  • Involve other roofing-related companies and social media influencers in spreading the word about your post.
  • When it’s acceptable, use hashtags to identify other posts or persons in your material. You may get free organic traffic from your audience by including other people in your postings.
  • Maintain a dialogue with your listeners. In the eyes of the public, the way you react to criticism about your roofing company is just as important as what others say. In addition, you must establish your company as an industry leader in terms of thought leadership.

Improve Your Professional Image by Becoming a Trusted Resource for Your Clients

Being a trusted resource for your customers is important for distinguishing yourself from your rivals. You may do this by producing high-quality roofing blogs that address your customers’ problems. Customers who inquire about the pros and cons of roof repair vs. roof replacement should find the information you provide in your article to help make an informed decision.

You may also go to your customer’s property, check it, and provide them with numerous solutions for their roofing job. As a result, your roofing company’s professional image will improve if you become an exceptional resource for your consumers.

Enhance Your Professional Image by Using High-Quality Images

High-quality photographs are essential if you want to use them in social media posts, roofing websites, or other marketing materials. Poor-quality or unattractive photos will not be accepted. Hire a professional photographer if you are unable to capture high-quality DIY shots of your finished products, your headshot, or the images of your crew.

Taking before and after images of your completed projects is an option even if you cannot afford to employ a photographer. When it comes to promoting your roofing company, you can’t go wrong with a phone camera.

Invest in Your Employees and Create a Positive Work Environment

All of your workers now play a critical role in promoting or damaging the image of your roofing firm on social media. If your employees are unhappy with your roofing company, they may voice their displeasure on social media and know that your company can respond to their comments.

It is possible to get started with roofing firms by employing staff based on their abilities and potential. This may begin at any point along with the hiring, compensation, or work environment continuum. A roofing company’s image depends on how well it treats its employees, both in-person and online.

Trained your employes

As your roofing business expands, you’ll need to provide your employees with the training they need to succeed. You need employees who can best reflect your roofing brand if you want to build your company’s professional image.

Every employee in your roofing company deserves further training and assistance. Your company will get an advantage over the competition if you are the kind of roofing contractor willing to provide this sort of support to your employees.

Enhance Your Relationship with Customers

Regardless of the size of your roofing company, excellent customer service is a must. Don’t forget about your customers once you’ve finished serving them; you’re completely reliant on them and their money.

Rather than having a one-time client who may never deal with you again because you didn’t satisfy their expectations, always seek to build long-term connections with your clients to keep them coming back.

This service can be improved, and new methods of getting customers back may be found via remarketing. The more incentives you provide, the better.

Make a show of yourself. You and Your Roofing Company in the business.

Your level of professionalism may gauge the extent to which you are respected or influential in your field. You must represent your company and create your reputation via these encounters with other roofers.

There are various ways in which networking events and conferences may benefit your professional image. Ensure that your personnel can speak convincingly about your roofing company on these occasions.

Build a Relationship of Trust with Your Customers

Building a business that solves issues for prospects and customers may also help you improve your professional image. Your roofing brand can stay marketable and long-lasting by providing value to consumers and society rather than focusing on building a strong brand image. If you want to be successful, you need to know what your customers want or need and how you can help them get it.

Let Rank Fire | SEO help you build a more credible online presence for your company

Consider your web reputation as part of your marketing plan if you’re a roofing contractor. Your internet reputation and the way it is handled are important considerations.

The corporate image and the employees who work hard to maintain it are any roofing firm’s two most important components.

Here’s how we can help your roofing company project a more polished image:

Redesign Your Roofing Company’s Website!

Roofing companies may choose to make changes to their websites for various reasons. Some are more enticing than others. A prospective customer’s first impression of your company may be your roofing website.

As a result, visitors will quickly abandon a website that has been badly developed. A digital marketing company is available to help us design a high-quality lead-generating roofing website.

Create a Social Media Platform for Your Business

To be successful in today’s market, every roofing firm must have a strong online presence. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter updates aren’t enough to get the word out about your business. If you have a lot to do, our staff will work tirelessly to boost your social media visibility. They’ll make it easier for your company to communicate with and answer inquiries from customers on the internet. This will help create trust, which will lead to more qualified leads in the roofing industry.

Manage Reviews on the Web

Your company’s internet reputation may make or ruin it, as we have said. This is because current clients are used to researching roofing contractors on directories like Google and Yelp before deciding or buying. By monitoring what your customers are saying about you on the internet, we can help you maintain a professional image.

Improve Your Professional Image by Creating Custom Logos and Other Marketing Materials.

The graphic design team at Rank Fire | SEO includes seasoned professionals. Your professional image will be enhanced both online and offline by your efforts to create distinctive roofing letterhead designs and banners, logos, and other marketing materials.

The Rank Fire | SEO Advantage

In contrast to other digital marketing organizations, we have a special place in our hearts for roofing contractors. You’ve discovered a marketing partner worth working with for those in the roofing industry looking to boost their online and offline visibility. When finding a digital marketing partner, go no further than us. We’re here to help you establish a professional online presence. Because of this, it should be able to outperform the competition and bring in quality leads.

More booked jobs, more traffic, and better rankings are all things that certain roof marketing companies will guarantee you. However, we all know that the best method to gauge the performance of your marketing activities is to look at the money coming in. You can get started now by scheduling a free strategy consultation with one of our growth experts!

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