How To Build Backlinks That Last

Building High Quality Backlinks

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

April 16, 2022

Are you looking for ways to create links sustainably? It’s possible to keep your site up and running for more than six months by following these five tips.

Is link building something I’d want to do?

The collective sigh of everyone reading this is a question that everyone in search often asks themselves.

Most people say no, although everyone understands that link equity is a crucial aspect of a successful campaign.

Is it necessary to undertake link-building for my website?

Is Link Building Something I Have to Do?

This is a difficult issue to answer since it depends on how you see the sector and how much equity your website has.

To me, three categories of websites define how much time and work is required for these campaigns.

Assuming you have neglected your search presence and hence have a low domain authority (yeah, we know this isn’t a real thing, but it’s commonly acknowledged, so let’s go on), you should expect to spend a significant amount of effort here simply to get off the ground.

When a website has been around for some time and has built up its authority, it may compete on keywords essential to its company, and link development is usually a part of that strategy.

While the rest of us are stumbling about in the dark trying to figure out this jigsaw puzzle, huge brands have connections flowing to them like water via multiple routes.

The three categories listed above are used to classify websites not just according to their equity but also according to the difficulties they encounter when it comes to generating links:

I have to start a campaign from begin, most likely with no resources and much less money to spare.

A third-party search firm is most likely being used because the company doesn’t control the process of the connections.

When it comes to big brands, a lot of attention is automatically drawn to the main page, but this does not benefit the site. In addition, major brand websites are notoriously slow to adapt to new procedures or technologies.

We now know how websites compare to one another in terms of links, or at the very least how to put your website about others. What now?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Link Building

You can’t just “start link building” these days since there are a lot of questions that need to be answered:

To whom is this project being entrusted?

How does one go about finding connections?

What can we do to prevent looking out of place?

Is it safe to assume that this won’t result in a penalty for my website?

This is an essential list of issues, but it doesn’t address the most fundamental one: “How can we form links that last?”

Freelancers in the Executive Suite

How to locate Fiverr Business freelancers and how to work with them.

It’s sad to say, but most people are still generating links as if it’s still 2004.

These programms do burn calories, but they aren’t being burned efficiently. It’s far more beneficial in the long run to tackle this project with a fresh perspective.

If you want to undertake a long-term link development plan that won’t devastate your website after six months, here are a few things to keep in mind.

When in Doubt, Look Before You Act

People, let’s make use of the data!

Most people’s conceptions of link building campaigns are as follows:

A site with a high domain authority is good to start looking.

Contact potential customers via email and ask for a link in exchange for their email addresses.

Rinse and repeat until you receive a response, and a deal is reached.

  1. Become More Explanatory

Is your attention focused on the whole domain?

Although domain authority is a commonly acknowledged statistic, it’s not genuine. On the other hand, this technique doesn’t take this into account.

So why are we putting so much of our work into a fabricated figure?

Is there a solution to this problem?

Improve your specificity.

Digging deeper and examining the backlink profiles of the various pages that make up a site you’d want to link to makes more sense.

The best strategy to locate link chances is to look at their page authority and see if you have a piece of content (or can build one) that they could link back to.

If you are selling baseball tickets, wouldn’t it make sense to have a link to your website from someone writing about the game or the competing teams?

Performing this analysis isn’t difficult if you use the appropriate data. As an example, you may create a simple table to match URLs.

It’s also possible to pull rankings from large indexes like SEMrush for each URL you discover in your link tools and do some math that calls out which URLs are ranked for the same keywords, which would indicate they are about the same thing if you want to get crazy (and don’t want to do manual work).

Something like this would be the result:

If you’re concerned about where you can get the backlink data, there are several programms for huge collections of links to do this sort of research (e.g., Majestic, Ahrefs, Link Research Tools).

There are a lot of tools out there that can classify URLs, but if you’re going to have to go in and figure out what the content is, that’s better than sending out emails without any context.

Your outreach efforts will profit from this strategy, as it enables you to explain why a certain site should connect to you and the mutual advantages you and the site might get over time.

Co-operate with Others

If you’re in the business of doing something similar to someone else’s, there’s nothing wrong with partnering with them.

Because of the terms “guest blogging” and “link networks,” which aren’t the focus of this strategy, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around.

First, guest blogging is perfectly acceptable as long as it is done correctly.

Not because Google thought there were too many relevant individuals writing for each other’s sites, but because a network of sites passed them back and forth in an artificial fashion, guest blogging became problematic.

There is no harm in collaborating with others in your field who have websites of their own, as long as you do so sparingly and continue to broaden your network of people with whom you are working on joint projects.

Use Influencers to your advantage.

Only death and the fact that people will speak about things on the internet are guaranteed in this world.

You will find individuals regarded as experts on the products or services you offer, and many others will pay attention to what they have to say.

The hunt for them is all on you.

If you’re looking to get in touch with an influencer, you’re not going to have a hard time.

Send them a note to see if they’d be interested in becoming a sponsor for your product or service on YouTube.

Most of the time, they are willing to work with you in exchange for a free product or a modest payment (depending on how popular they are).

As long as they follow Google’s criteria, they won’t have to worry about disclosing that they were paid for their evaluation.

Then then, I never said anything about their not doing it.

Finally, don’t buy backlinks.

Buying links shouldn’t even be on your radar, and I’m shocked I have to say this.

An old-fashioned approach that takes a lot of time and drains one’s energy is in order.

To be honest, you’re capable of more.

Even though link-building isn’t the most enjoyable activity, it is a necessary evil of our profession and should not be overlooked.


After reading this article, decide which category your website belongs to, then gather some data and begin making more informed judgments.

Scalability in link building

A Strategy for Scalability in Link Building

Building backlinks is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. Improve your link-building efficiency while still achieving your goals.

Creating backlinks may be a gruelling effort.

An essential one at that.

Much time and effort are required, but it’s one of the most effective techniques to boost your website authority and, eventually, keyword placement.

Link building entails:

It’s important to network with other websites and company owners.

Guests are welcome.


There must be a constant flow of information.

And that’s only the beginning.

As a general rule of thumb, link building is a labor-intensive endeavor.

Automatic link building may be achieved via the use of email-based scripts or through the use of link building services based in other countries, but this is not the most effective strategy for enhancing your online reputation.

Unlike robots, human beings react better to fellow human beings than robots.

Consider the following advice if you’re dealing with link building but don’t know how to scale a process that involves individual human labor.

What’s Your Workflow Like?

The first step is to jot down the steps you take to develop links.

What’s the most time-consuming part of the process? Which is the greatest struggle to perform?

Streamlining should begin there.

The process of creating links shouldn’t be demanding; if it is, you should try to eliminate certain processes. Consider how you work.

From A to B to C, what’s the best way to get there?

Is there anything that may be omitted from the process?

Use an effective workflow application to save time and increase link-building efforts.

Search Engine Journal has provided a list of five email automation processes to assist you to save time.

Secondly, the Internet.

Link building can be scaled if you work hard to create strong connections with other experts in your industry. This goes back to what we discussed previously about the importance of human effort.

You must look for it:

  • Owners of companies.
  • Digital marketing experts.
  • Managers of online reputation.

Set the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and need.

When you already have a connection with a person, it’s far simpler to ask for a favour from them than to ask a stranger.

In return, you should allow them to do the same on your website.

In the future, when you need backlinks, the more networking possibilities you create for yourself now, the simpler it will be for you to get them.

Ensure that your content is of the highest quality.

Focusing less on link building and more on producing high-quality content is another way to improve your SEO.

Link building starts with great content.

No matter how much work you put into it, getting backlinks will be far more difficult if you aren’t putting out quality material.

Before engaging in link building, the first step is to establish a library of high-quality material, which may seem obvious, but many companies overlook it.

Freelancers in the Executive Suite

How to locate Fiverr Business freelancers and how to work with them.

Check out this Search Engine Journal article on how to use content and social media to boost your link building efforts.

Present Your Content in a New and Improved Way

Titles should be concise and appealing.

Especially for your thumbnail, use eye-catching images.

Don’t forget to read the details! You don’t want Google sifting through your content looking for random lines that won’t make sense to a reader — this is your first opportunity to attract their attention.

More passive links will be generated if your material is more visually appealing. If you want to grow your company, you need to take advantage of passive link development, which many business owners miss.

Make use of pre-made templates.

A well-crafted email template isn’t the same as sending out a series of automated emails. However, they are still a template that can be modified to meet the needs of a variety of clients and enterprises.

Add personal information like a blog post the person has written you like or inquiries about a subject you want to write about for your website into the “meat” of the template.

Templates for link building strategies include “mention” and “broken link” templates, as well as guest blogging templates.

Here are a few real-world examples:

The ‘Bloody’ Template

This template has a high rate of success. To find a broken link on the website where you desire a backlink, just navigate to that site.

If the broken link cannot be replaced, create a resource and send it via email. Alternatively, you may compose an email that looks like this:

Template for ‘Mention”

This is a template for guest blogging. Using this template, you may let someone know that you recently highlighted their work on your website in the hopes that they would spread the word about your article. It may look something like this:

Build a group of like-minded individuals

Everyone isn’t able to form a link-building team.

You should take advantage of it if it is feasible for your company.

Educate your staff on the importance of creating high-quality content and then actively seeking out opportunities to get backlinks to their work. Your SEO consultant should be able to keep track of your site’s progress and come up with new link-building ideas.

Even if you just devote 20 minutes a week to technical SEO, you may get a significant advantage over your rivals. You can do more if you have two or three individuals working on link development rather than just one.

A team may be built even if your budget is limited; it will pay off in the long run if you choose the appropriate individuals and train them effectively.

Develop a Larger Customer Base

Sharing and backlinks increase when more individuals share your material. It’s just a numbers game.

If your material isn’t getting the attention it deserves, you may want to consider broadening your target demographic.

Search social media to determine what themes are hot in certain groups, and then adjust your target audience to appeal to those individuals.

Join the discussion and gain the rewards of SEO by making an effort.


Links are difficult to construct. Time, effort, and perseverance are all required.

If you don’t succeed the first time around, don’t give up.

You’ll eventually be able to dial down your link-building efforts and focus on other parts of your website’s SEO if you continue with it.

Learn the basics of link building and how to develop a long-term link building strategy if you’re just starting started.

Begin building your professional network right now!

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