How Plumbing Company Reviews Impact SEO

SEO for Plumbers

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

April 10, 2022

What are Plumbers’ Google Reviews?

Anyone who visits the site may see customers’ ratings and comments on Google My Business. Google My Business reviews display an overall rating (out of 5) based on the average rating on the company’s public profile.

Using Google Reviews to Improve Your Plumbing

Your plumbing firm should already know how customer-generated reviews are valuable. This sort of social proof might imply to prospective clients that your company is reliable, competent, experienced, or provides exceptional customer service, among other things.

Today, more individuals than ever before read internet reviews. However, 84% of buyers trust internet reviews as much as recommendations from their friends and family.

People get their first impressions of your business and products from online reviews. For them, it aids in the selection of the best plumber. In 2022, it will be simple to observe the importance of internet reviews. Getting such reviews isn’t that simple.

Unusual but true is that most consumers are prepared to leave evaluations on the websites of companies they’ve used. The problem is that most of the time, they don’t. It’s possible they were never asked because the procedure was too cumbersome or time-consuming.

Google reviews may also be critical to your plumbing company. In the next piece, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your Google reviews for plumbers.

Become a Google My Business Member

You must be a member of Google to get any reviews. Pretty straightforward reasoning. If you haven’t previously claimed your company on Google My Business, do so immediately. Why is it crucial to have your company listed on Google My Business (GMB)? What’s the point of reading the remainder of this essay if you don’t want to?

For starters, Google My Company (GMB) helps you get your business noticed. According to one survey, 84% of consumers discover firms on Google My Business (GMB) via organic Google searches rather than the 16% who come to your site directly (searches by people who already know and are looking for your business).

People are utilizing Google to locate local companies at an incredible rate. The “next to me” category of local intent searches, on the other hand, is the most common kind of Google search. Google searches for “near me” have surged by a factor of 900 in the last few years.

You should make setting up your Google My Business page your top priority if you haven’t already done so. Move on to the following item after you’ve completed or previously established your Google My Business page.

Get Your Review Listed On Google

For those eager to write a review, the procedure takes too long, and they don’t do it. Getting a Google review link is the easiest and most efficient approach to fix this problem.

To acquire the URL, all you have to do is follow the steps below. However, obtaining the connection is the simplest part of the process. How do you use it to acquire more Google reviews after you have it? A few pointers:

Your Google review link should be included in all of your emails, so be sure you include it in everyone. Following up with new clients through email may be very beneficial when you use this tactic.

On your website, you have ideal real estate to link to your Google review page. People who want to write a review for your company may do so simply by visiting your website by adding a link or button to your home, contact, or service pages.

Your Google Review link should be included in any text messages you send to clients who have recently been served by your business, whether you use a pre-made message or write one yourself.

Consult Others for Their Opinions

Requesting additional Google reviews is the next logical move to do. We spoke about politely asking for a Google review in follow-up emails and messages. I strongly recommend doing so. Requesting a review may be done in a variety of ways.

When a plumbing project is completed, use BrandREVU software to send an automatic review request (by text and email).

As soon as you’re done with the work, ask for Google evaluations from plumbers. So, getting more reviews in person is still a successful strategy.

Also, QR codes make it easier for customers to evaluate you on their mobile devices. Printed on your business cards or other branded items, a Q.R. code leading to your Google review page is a smart idea.

You should already have reviews placed on your official website. Do not forget to ask “If you would like to evaluate us as well…” if this is the case. and then a direct link to your Google review page. “

When requesting a review in person, over the phone, or by email, make sure to be kind. You should tell your customers how important their feedback is to your company. Let your satisfied customers know how much they mean to your business by thanking them for their kind words about your company.

It’s critical to have high Google review ratings.

A flawless 5-star rating would seem to be the ideal, at least to the uninitiated. However, in today’s cynical times, that isn’t the case. Study after study has proven that people get suspicious when seeing a firm with a pristine five-star rating online.

As a result, many believe that the reviews are fake or manipulated in some way (special discounts for positive reviews, for example). According to most individuals, the optimal Google review rating is anywhere between 3.7 and 4.9 stars.

A flawless 5-star rating is unlikely, even if you are meticulous about reviews. If you have too many negative reviews, you’ll need to cover them up with positive ones.

It helps to “read” a room if you have this skill. You should ask for a review if you think the consumer is pleased or enthusiastic. Don’t ask for feedback from customers who were unhappy with your service, in other words.

P.S. Don’t forget to react to your favorable evaluations. In addition, if you get any unfavorable reviews, reply to them immediately. When customers see that you are eager to make things right and care about the customer experience, it might help them improve their ratings.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Reputation management encompasses more than just Google reviews for plumbers. Digital channels such as Yelp, social media, and local business directories are all part of managing your online reputation.

Increasing your number of Google reviews is another benefit of good reputation management. The problem is that it’s a lengthy, multifaceted procedure. Fortunately, Rank Fire | SEO offers comprehensive reputation management services.

It is possible to boost your brand recognition and position yourself as a plumbing expert by using plumbing SEO techniques. By contacting us, you may learn more about this program.

SEO: Do Local Google Reviews Affect Local SEO?

This question has two possible answers: one brief and one lengthy.

Search engine optimization (SEO) activities benefit from Google Reviews; therefore, the simple answer is yes. There are over 200 elements that go into search results, but online customer evaluations are important since they convey experience, authority, and reliability to search engines.

Positive Google evaluations on a company’s Google My Business page are always welcome, of course. It not only informs you that your customers like your goods and services, but it also makes this information available to anybody who visits your website.

In any case, as I’ve already said, the response is somewhat lengthy.

How do we know that online Google reviews positively impact search engine results positions?

Expertise, Authority, and Trust are three factors that Google considers when determining a website’s ranking in search results.

The “T” in E-A-T may be measured using Google reviews. In the eyes of Google’s algorithm, glowing reviews from real-life local consumers are an indication that your company is trustworthy.

To make matters even more complicated, research shows that Google reviews directly impact your search engine ranking.

Since last year, Google has banned any anonymous reviews that do not include a user profile. For many establishments, the prohibition was implemented retrospectively, which resulted in the loss of several positive evaluations in the blink of an eye. Businesswoman Joy Hawkins of Local Search Forum and Sterling Sky investigated if GMB profiles that had suffered from a drop in reviews had improved in position.

What happened? One or more evaluations pushed a company down at least two ranks, and in some cases, they were removed off the top of the list entirely.

Google Local Ranking Survey results revealed by Darren Shaw of Whitespark at the same time as Hawkins’s research showed that reviews account for more than 15% of how Google ranks a local company.

Local restaurants with fewer than 100 reviews had a 1% chance of making it into the top three-pack in the 50 main cities evaluated by the people over at Moz, who published an article on what makes for strong SEO for local restaurants. The eateries that qualified for inclusion in the 3-pack were rated over 4.1.

How Do Google Reviews Affect SEO?

Google reviews from local consumers are a terrific way to boost your search engine results. How do they affect rankings, though? Why does Google care so much?

There are three main causes behind this.

Trust is built by reading local consumer evaluations.

Even though we’ve discussed trust and authority several times, it’s worth mentioning again. The opinions of others about you matter much more to Google than your own. Even if you post “Philadelphia’s Best Pizza Joint” on your website, it doesn’t mean anything to Google if your consumers say the same thing about you. The system compensates you for the social endorsement by increasing your website’s exposure.

Positive feedback from customers increases website traffic.

A business’s Google evaluations may spell the difference between success and failure for many internet users. Searchers are more inclined to click on your website with a high star rating and many comprehensive reviews. As a result of the increased number of visitors, Google is more likely to rank your website higher in search results. 57% of customers will only utilize a company if it has four or more ratings, according to BrightLocal.

3. Local reviews inform Google about the content of your website. 3.

Rich, in-depth descriptions on all of your website’s pages are critical for optimal search engine optimization. Google is more likely to offer up your website to internet searchers if it can detect and crawl your website more easily with these detailed descriptions.

In the same way, the internet reviews that your consumers post do the same. Aside from the robots, your consumers may fill in any information gaps left by your website’s content via Google reviews.

Your pizzeria’s website may not specify that vegan choices are available upon request. Our vegan Google reviewers who enjoyed the flexibility may assist you!

Voilà: Google will remember you the next time someone in your area types in “vegan pizza.”.

Are Google Reviews Beneficial for Online Retailers?

Even if your company only sells online or doesn’t have a physical presence, research shows that Google reviews are still important for SEO. Studying the influence of customer reviews on a sample of digital firms’ websites was done by Yotpo, a review management platform. Monthly organic page views climbed by almost 45% during the nine-month trial.

How can I get more positive Google reviews?

Educate your consumers about the importance of checking online review sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Nothing magical will help you rack up more 5-star reviews. It is possible to encourage consumers to provide comments, though. It is also uncommon for companies to layout signs or placards asking for feedback, including links that may make it simple for consumers to check what others are saying on their site or even ask all of your customers about the service you gave.

Remember, though, that no one — not even marketers — should ever be paid for Google evaluations. Google’s algorithms are tuned to detect fake reviews means that this review will be removed. Google may severely punish your website if it learns that you or your employees have been creating bogus customer reviews.

Google Reviews: How Do I Maximize My Benefits?

You may make the most of your favorable reviews by including them on the homepage of your website as they accumulate. Even though it does not affect your search engine rankings, it’s a good idea for the sake of user experience. Several programs out there help you add your social reviews to your websites, such as embedding reviews from EmbedReviews, Kudobuzz, and Yotpo.

How to Handle Negative Google Reviews

Use the poor review as a chance to make apologies and re-establish a relationship with the consumer.

Sadly, many company owners react angrily and unprofessionally to bad evaluations online. Do not be that person. Go the extra mile and make up for their bad experience with great customer service by commenting directly on that review instead. By keeping the potential former client and removing the negative review simultaneously, you are accomplishing a double win. After listening to your consumers’ problems, you’ll be astonished at how many will change their minds – and their unfavorable posts.

Regardless matter whether a review is negative or favorable, you should always reply to it. Consequently, we arrive at the following point:

Is Responding to Google Reviews Good for My SEO?

Responding to every review, no matter how positive or negative, is an important part of your online reputation management strategy. Consumers who have been dissatisfied will appreciate the gesture, but it will also help establish confidence among your previous and future customers.

As a result, replying to customer reviews helps you create trust both with your audience and with Google as well. As a result, Google will see that your company is responsive to its consumers, which is excellent for your SEO strategy and search rating.

Google even states that replying to customer evaluations improves your search engine rankings. Google will offer your business greater visibility if you have a solid connection with your customers.

Do My Google Reviews Matter if Others “Like” Them?

Customers often ask SEO firms to increase the number of “likes” on their Google My Business reviews. Is it true that accumulating more “likes” boosts your position in search results?

Let’s begin by going back in time. Users linked into their Google accounts have offered a thumbs up to every GMB review since 2016. This app does not allow you to give more than one thumbs-up; however, you may reverse your thumbs-up by clicking twice.

If you have a large number of thumbs-up in your Google reviews and you don’t have to click “View all Google reviews” to see it at the top of the page, you’ll get a boost in your rankings. This was observed in small research by Miriam Ellis at Moz.

Be cautious. Your best reviews may be highlighted in this way. However, if a single review has more than 100 likes, Google may consider it spam and punish your page.

There are several 3rd-party review websites, such as the Better Business Bureau.

Yelp and the Better Business Bureau have been mentioned often in Google My Business. Those sites have reviews. Do they affect your rankings?

On the one hand, they don’t seem important, at least in terms of SEO. In an interview last year, Google’s John Mueller said that BBB and other third-party ratings had no impact on your search engine results. You can see the transcript of the interview by clicking here:

A bad reputation is a red signal by Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines (QRG). The QRG often mentions third-party sites, notably the BBB, as a factor in a website’s reputation.

There may be high ratings on the Good Firm Bureau (BBB) website, but it does not mean the business has a good reputation, according to QRG.

BBB’s bad ratings are almost often the result of unresolved complaints. If the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a high number of complaints, you may want to give it some thought.

Third-party evaluations don’t seem to have the same SEO weight as Google reviews. However, they seem to affect you, so be sure to keep an eye on your other online customer reviews.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Ending with this advice: Use both positive and negative evaluations from Google My Business on your company’s Google+ page to improve search engine rankings and raise your business’s visibility.

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