7 Customer Acquisition Strategies for Earning Clients

Customer Acquisition Strategies

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

April 10, 2022

Every company has one primary goal: to get new consumers.

While it’s simple to see why new clients are essential, recruiting and converting them is challenging. Customer acquisition tactics may aid your company in this situation. But which user acquisition approach is best for your business?

Continue reading to learn more! Learn about the seven most effective customer acquisition strategies, as well as how to enhance your own. If you need assistance developing an acquisition marketing plan, give us a call at 833-777-RANK or contact us online.

What is customer acquisition?

Recruiting new consumers or clients to a firm is known as customer acquisition. Companies may utilize several client acquisition tactics to keep growing despite economic fluctuations, industry trends, and other factors.

What are customer acquisition strategies?

Although being a regularly used word in the marketing business, a customer acquisition strategy encompasses more than one channel or method. Establishing connections with prospective consumers, meeting their requirements, and providing them with the essential information to make an educated purchase choice are all part of user acquisition methods.

In most circumstances, a single ad campaign is insufficient to qualify as a client acquisition plan. Conversions are necessary for customer acquisition marketing. One method may drive traffic to your site and raise brand recognition, but if it isn’t converting visitors into customers, it isn’t creating cash for your company.

It’s usually simpler to evaluate your customer acquisition costs, or CAC when you concentrate on customer acquisition costs, than particular campaigns.

Instead of guessing how many leads you’ve produced or calculated your ROI, you can answer these questions with actual data and make informed choices going ahead.

7 of the best customer acquisition methods

Several channels should be used in your customer acquisition plan to attract and convert prospective clients. Using a variety of tactics can help you enhance your conversion rate.

When it comes to strategy combinations, the possibilities are practically endless. You can develop a campaign that works for your company using a variety of tactics.

Here are seven tactics that every company in any sector may use. If you’re ready to start leveraging digital marketing channels to acquire users, these methods should all be part of a marketing plan:

Strategy 1: Search engine optimization (SEO)

One of the essential client acquisition tactics is Search engine optimization (SEO).This technique assists you in increasing the traffic to your website to generate more leads and conversions for your company.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is making changes to your website to appear higher in search results. Given that 75% of visitors don’t go beyond the first page of results, optimizing your website to get to the top page is critical. If you are a dentist in Colorado Springs, CO, you’d want your links to appear in a Google search for “dentists in Colorado Springs, CO.”

This approach goes beyond typical advertising techniques such as television and radio commercials. SEO allows you to target individuals interested in your company based on the keywords they used to discover you. Instead of advertising to a broad audience hoping that someone would see your ad and require your better or services, it allows you to target a more specific demographic.

Using SEO, you can make it simpler for prospective clients to locate your company.

Because it helps you reach individuals looking for your goods or services, SEO is a practical customer acquisition strategy. If someone types “dentists in Colorado Springs, CO” into Google, you know they’re searching for your company. Someone looking for a dentist in that region will come across your company’s ad and click on it.

This client acquisition technique does not need the purchase of external advertising space. To assist increase your website’s performance, you do the work yourself and optimize for SEO. You won’t have to worry about paying third-party fees in the future.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term technique for generating valuable results. You’ll continue to drive visitors and assist your organization in generating leads as long as you continue to optimize items on your site. SEO is one of the most effective long-time customer acquisition techniques for helping your company expand.

The only non benifits of SEO is that it takes time for results to appear. You won’t see an instant bigger in your client acquisition rate, but it will gradually improve.

Fortunately, when optimizing your site for SEO, the next channel may assist you in generating leads.

Strategy 2: Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Even if you have not run a  pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign, you’re acquainted with the look of these advertisements in search results. These are sponsored ads that display at the top of search results pages. They’re labeled with the term “ad.”

An example of a Google Ads ad is as follows:

PPC works similarly to SEO. To target a relevant audience, you run advertisements based on keywords and phrases that consumers search for. As the name indicates, you only paid when someone clicks on your ad.

Impressions aren’t something you have to pay for. You won’t have to paid anything until someone clicks on your PPC ad and goes to your website. You have control over your ad spend since you choose the amount you’re ready to pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

As a result, PPC is a cost-effective alternative for every company. Because they allow you total control over your budget and targeting, PPC ads are popular among companies of all sizes. You reach out to the appropriate individuals at the right time and persuade them to purchase your goods.

This customer acquisition method is popular with businesses because it allows them to draw visitors and leads as soon as they begin their campaign. This implies that you might start generating leads as soon as you create an ad. As a result, PPC is one of the most cost-effective and efficient acquisition marketing techniques.

Strategy 3: Content marketing

Content marketing is a powerful lead generation method that helps you attract prospects seeking helpful information. This method assists you in providing information to your audience and assists new visitors in learning more about your company and converting into consumers.

There are many different types of material. Informational sites, blogs, infographics, movies, and ebooks are examples of this.

You may cover a variety of industry-related subjects to deliver helpful knowledge to your prospective clients.

Let’s pretend you’re the owner of a clothes business. As summer approaches, your audience is looking for information about the latest summer fashion trends. You write a blog article titled “7 Must-Have Looks for Summer” to assist your readers in obtaining that knowledge.

If someone is looking for hot summer fashion ideas, they will find your site and read what you have to say. From there, you lead them to your store and eventually persuade them to buy your clothes.

While the subjects addressed may differ depending on the sector, content marketing is an excellent user acquisition approach for every company.

To use this strategy for your company, start by finding industry-related issues that your target audience might be interested in. Once you’ve decided on a subject, you’ll write useful material about it and post it on your website.

You establish a terrific first impression on your audience by giving them helpful information. They receive the information they need, and you get your brand in front of them. It’s a terrific approach to make an excellent first impression and provide your audience the opportunity to learn more about your company on their own time.

Other consumer acquisition strategies, like SEO, work well with content marketing. It complements this strategy since it entails discovering keywords that your prospective clients are looking for and developing helpful content around those keywords.

Strategy 4: Email marketing

Because it needs consumers to send them updates, Email marketing isn’t considered one of the acquisition marketing tactics. To contact them, you must first seek their permission, which negates utilizing email marketing to acquire new consumers.

On the other hand, this method is an excellent way to keep in touch with prospective clients until they’re ready to purchase.

Email marketing allows you to deliver relevant information to your audience. You may distribute it to your subscribers to encourage them to interact with it and learn more about your company if you’re developing material. It’s also a terrific way to educate your audience about your company and its goods or services.

You can leverage the material you deliver in emails to helpfully engage prospective consumers. It’s your chance to provide them with the information they need or want to see. When they’re ready to purchase, you’ll have the edge over your competition since your audience already knows and trusts your brand.

You may customize your communications and content with this customer acquisition method for each user. You may personalize your email content to a particular product or service if one of your subscribers has shown an interest in that product or service. Your subscribers will have a more personalized experience, which will increase their interest in your company.

While email marketing isn’t strictly an acquisition marketing technique, it does provide the potential for new conversions. You may motivate your existing subscribers to suggest friends, family, and coworkers to your company by offering client referral programs.

Both the referrer and the referee gain from email referral systems. For example, a mechanic may give subscribers who recommend individuals reduced pricing on services to their business. New users will get a free oil change in exchange for signing up.

Referral programsare an excellent way for companies to get new leads with little effort.

Strategy 5: Social media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  are among the most popular social networking networks. 77 percent of Americans have a social network account. These platforms began as a terrific method for consumers to stay in contact with family and friends, but they’ve evolved into critical marketing tools.

Other platforms, such as LinkedIn and Pinterest, have increased in popularity due to the success of these different social networking sites. These platforms provide a fantastic chance for your company to provide material that connects to the interests of your target audience and engages them to create a connection.

Many users use social media to communicate with companies and share their experiences. Customers sometimes contact businesses and brands to express their thoughts and concerns. Consequently, many companies now utilize social media to provide customer support.

Social media enables you to communicate with your audience for free and allows you to create targeted advertising campaigns for your company.

You’re probably used to targeting your audience based on age, gender, and geography while running online advertising. The possibilities on social networking sites are even more sophisticated.

You may target leads based on their interests on Facebook, for example. You may advertise to Twitter users depending on the terms they mention in their tweets. You may target individuals on LinkedIn based on their industry, job title, and skills.

These choices allow you to connect with people who are most likely interested in your product or service. Because you are reaching the correct leads, you may get more bang for your buck with your advertising expenditure.

For your company, social media marketing is an excellent consumer acquisition approach. You’ll assist your company in generating new leads and expanding.

Strategy 6: Custom referrals

Customers know you’ll go to great lengths to promote your company’s image. You’ll develop educational and valuable material for them and sell your company to them.

Consequently, your audience does not expect you always to provide a fair assessment of your goods or services. Other clients, on the other hand, are expected to do so.

Customer referral programs are an excellent approach to get existing customers to inform their friends and family about your company. As previously said, email marketing is an ideal location to start building a client referral program.

Although it may seem that you have little influence over the referral program, it is an excellent client acquisition approach. By offering the necessary tools, you can ensure that your campaign succeeds.

Offering an incentive is a terrific way to achieve this. While it isn’t required, it does help to entice your viewers. It motivates more individuals to participate in your program.

Customer referral programs are an effective acquisition marketing method for generating new leads for your company.

Strategy 7: Free trials and downloads

The majority of individuals like receiving gifts. When you give them anything for free, they’re more inclined to look into your company and discover what you have to offer. Trials and downloads are excellent ways to generate leads for your company.

If you sell software or provide a unique service, a free trial is an excellent method to attract new consumers. It enables customers to try out your goods before making a purchase. They will evaluate whether the financial expenditure is worthwhile if they appreciate your interests.

This method applies to a wide range of businesses. A perfume brand might give potential buyers free samples. An IT business may provide an informative brochure on technology issues their target audience is interested in.

For example, at Rank Fire, we provide various downloadable guides that assist marketers in achieving specific objectives or goals. We provide instructions on everything from site design to keyword research.

Our guides take readers through a step-by-step procedure related to the guide’s content. In exchange, the user only submits a few pieces of basic information, such as their name and email address.

It takes work to generate excellent content to get clients to give you their contact information. Still, the benefit of remaining in touch with them and offering them extra information about your company is well worth the effort.

Knowing what your consumers want is the most challenging component of this plan. You must know what will attract your audience, whether checklists, instructions, trials, unique material, or free samples. Once you’ve determined what it is, you’ll be able to use this customer acquisition method to produce meaningful leads.

How to improve your customer acquisition marketing strategy

Customer acquisition methods need time and effort. It will take some way for you to develop a plan to help your company achieve its goals. Your company may utilize any of the channels above (and more) to attract new clients and leads, but success needs strategic preparation.

Like any other marketing project, developing a successful plan requires trial and error. It could take some time to discover what works best for your target demographic. Here are 2 suggestions to consider as you improve your client acquisition approach.

Tip 1: Focus on the bigger picture

It’s simple to get caught up in the nitty-gritty of one particular channel, mainly if it’s a practical client acquisition approach for your company. There’s nothing wrong with investing a more significant amount of your money to a channel that’s already producing results, but diversifying your approach may help you accomplish more.

It’s simple to combine multiple channels and contact prospective clients on several platforms when you promote your company online to gain customers. Integrating all media is a critical component of a successful client acquisition strategy.

For example, a piece of content that transfer a lot of traffic may be shared on social media and utilized in a PPC ad to drive people to the page. This is a fantastic approach to put these tactics to work to boost your chances of gaining consumers.

Another example is identifying a subject of interest to your clients, creating a guide about it, optimizing the download page for that term, and using it to grow your email subscriber list.

It would help if you combined your strategies, regardless of which ones you employ. The best approach to making each platform the most is to develop a cross-channel plan. You may utilize each strategy’s strengths to compensate for the deficiencies of the others.

Tip 2: Test & optimize everything

You must test and enhance the aspects of your acquisition marketing plan once it is up and running. Everything isn’t great the first time. It would help regularly try your client acquisition techniques to get the most significant outcomes.

The ability to track and analyze how your visitors engage with various portions of your site is one of the most usefull advantage of digital marketing. conversion rate optimization  may help you get the most out of each.

Assume you’re creating landing pages. When creating these pages, you may want to include call to action (CTA) button to draw attention to it. You may experiment with different variants of this CTA button to observe how they respond.

You may use A/B testing to see which version delivers the most outstanding results. It might be as essential as word placement or color preference.

You may accomplish the same thing with off-site tactics. You should always generate at least two variants of each ad in a PPC campaign. After you’ve created these two versions, you may track which one causes the most clicks and discard the less successful one.

These are just 2 of the numerous ways you may enhance your user acquisition approach, but the possibilities for testing and optimization are almost endless. The tiniest adjustments may have the most significant effect. When all of these adjustments are combined, it might be the difference between a good marketing plan and a great one.

Ready to improve your customer acquisition strategy?

Any business has to reach out to new clients and turn them into paying customers, and digital marketing methods like the ones outlined above may help you do just that.

We’re a full-service digital marketing firm that focuses on unique acquisition marketing strategies. We’ll assist you in developing a customer acquisition plan that is effective for your company.

If you’re ready to start acquiring valued consumers for your company, contact us online or call us at 833-777-RANK now to talk with a strategist about how you can use these customer acquisition strategies to help your company expand!

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