Top 20 Roofing Marketing Ideas & Tips to Use in 2022

20 Roofing Marketing Ideas

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

March 9, 2022

Are you receiving enough leads for roofing?

Having a steady flow of new clients is a good sign.

Your replies may be a resounding “no” for various reasons. As property owners get adjusted to the new normal with the implementation of COVID-19, roofers have seen a fall in sales. Roofing marketing is becoming more important due to the increasing importance of the Internet in the customer purchase process.

There are several challenges confronting the ordinary roofing firm today, including a lack of specialist roofing marketing agencies, an unfavourable industry reputation, and fierce competition.

Roofing companies may use these 30 roofing marketing techniques to get their name out there. If you need assistance designing an advertising plan for your roofing company, you can arrange a free strategy session online with us a 833-777-RANK.

Online Roofing Promotions

1. Develop a roofing website that is a search engine and conversion-optimized.

Internet marketing begins and ends with your roofing website. One approach to contacting your prospects and customers online, anywhere and at any time, is developing a roofing website if you don’t already have one.

As a high-ticket item, roofing calls for high customer confidence. A roofer’s website design is the most important factor in determining a customer’s trustworthiness. An out-of-date, non-existent, or faulty website may immediately erode that confidence.

Make certain that your roofing website appears modern, sleek, and professional. Educate visitors about your organization and answer any queries they may have using instructive material and interactive aspects.

This is a helpful tidbit of advice:

  • Make sure your roofing website is optimized for conversions and SEO to continue to bring in quality leads even while your shop is closed.
  • You’ll need a sales funnel and high-quality landing pages to collect roofing leads.
  • Make use of the services of our skilled web designers if you want assistance in the development or redesign of your roofing website.

2. To get seen on local search results, you need to invest in SEO

Make sure your roofing firm can be found in local searches on the Internet by property owners and managers. Your website must be optimized to appear in front of prospective customers actively searching for a roofing business like yours.

Begin by choosing the correct keywords for your roofing services if you want to show up in local search results. SEO relies heavily on selecting and studying keywords, which determine what search results appear on your roofing website.

Thanks to local search marketing, your phone will ring, and potential customers will visit your project locations. Create a Google My Business account and include your roofing company in key web directories to get started with local roofing SEO. If you need assistance developing a local internet marketing presence, get in touch with our SEO professionals.

3. Get Immediate Results by Running a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign

Organic traffic and leads can only begin to flow if your website is at the top of Google search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) might take months or years to get you to the top of Google search results. Pay-Per-Click advertising or Google Ads is a great option for those who don’t want to wait.

PPC advertising places your ad or brand message directly in front of potential customers who are actively looking for your roofing services. Because roofing companies bid on certain keywords, their PPC advertising are shown (for your business, it may be something like roofers in Murfreesboro, TN)

To get started with PPC advertising, choose keywords. When it comes to SEO, long-tail keywords are crucial. Additionally, the cost of a click will decrease due to this.

You may begin bidding on ad placement after completing your keyword research. Every time a potential customer clicks on your ad, you have the option of setting a minimum or maximum payout. Your quality score and maximum bid will determine your ad’s position in the search results.

However, having a better quality score is preferable to having the highest bid. Why? Google strives to provide the most relevant information for its customers. No matter how much money roofers have, they can’t buy their way into a prominent ad position.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the finest strategies to generate quality leads for roofing companies. You might use pay-per-click advertising (PPC) to reach a wider audience.

The quality of your landing page and relevancy to the searcher’s query can help you determine where your ad ranks in a competitive marketplace.

4. With the help of social media advertising, you may connect with your potential customers.

One of the best ways for roofing contractors to advertise and sell their services is social media. Using social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, you may communicate directly with your audience. You may engage with your prospects and customers by using social media advertising to provide meaningful content for them.

Choosing your social media networks correctly is the first step in getting started with roofing marketing social media advertising. Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are just a few of the many options available to you. However, you must select platforms that your target audience is most likely to use to ensure that your message is received.

Using the platforms you’ve chosen, share material relevant to your audience’s interests and your company. Videos and photographs of your finished and ongoing projects and other roofing news or trends that may benefit your audience should be included on your website.

Keep social media in mind when creating marketing materials like brochures and email signatures. You may want to use social media advertising for immediate results, but you may have to wait for a while.

5. Showcase Your Work and Brand through Video Marketing.

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words, but what about a moving image? It has a greater impact. A video does wonders for the credibility of your roofing website. If you have a high-quality video on your roofing website, you’ll see a greater conversion rate than your competitors.

If you have a new product or service, you can use video marketing to promote it by making a promotional video. You may use video marketing to accomplish the following:

  • Make clear what sets you apart from the competition.
  • Increase online participation
  • Create a roofing brand with a distinct personality.

Video testimonials from satisfied clients may also be a great way to show off your staff’s work. Keep in mind that you may create leads and improve your company’s image by posting videos to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

6. Ask for Genuine Reviews from Customers on the Internet

Genuine internet evaluations are the finest methods to enhance customer confidence in a high-ticket industry like roofing. Online evaluations are equally as trusted as personal recommendations by many potential customers (80%). To make your company seem more enticing to potential customers, Google search results offer customer reviews with star ratings.

If you want a successful roofing company online, you need to monitor your online reviews. Prospects check out your company’s internet reputation by reading customer testimonials. You need to keep an eye on your internet reputation to make sure customers choose you.

You’ll receive both favourable and bad feedback. Getting bad ratings isn’t the end of the road since people anticipate bad evaluations. Online review management is the most important component.

Customers want to feel appreciated. An online reputation management service might help you if you lack time to monitor internet reviews yourself. To keep your existing and previous customers satisfied while attracting new ones, these services may help you better manage your online reviews.

7. Write a Blog about Roofing Trends

Start a blog on your roofing website and write about the most recent developments in roofing. You’ll come across as well-read and well-informed if you do this. Reach out to roosting websites that allow guest articles and write content to broaden your audience and get useful backlinks. Become an expert in the roofing field by creating and publishing credible content.

8.Email Marketing Is a Great Way to Grow Your Roofing Business’s Customer Base.

Email marketing is a great alternative for your company in the quest for roofing marketing ideas. Your roofing leads will benefit from this method, which helps them convert. Get your hands on a list of email subscribers before you can employ email marketing.

Using your roofing website is a good method to achieve this. You may use a unique template or guide to get customers to give you their email addresses. Email marketing is cost-effective to generate interest in your roofing services from potential customers. An excellent roofing marketing concept that can help your business expand and increase brand recognition online is to use social media.

  1. Request Backlinks from Roofing Material Manufacturers

Your search engine rankings will benefit greatly from external links from reputable sources. Contact manufacturers of roofing materials with whom you’ve previously done business and request that your name be added to their client list. Roofers who utilize a certain provider’s supplies may often be found on the websites of that supplier. This greatly improves organic search and web visibility.

10. Establish a Call Tracking System.

Most roofing contractors get phone calls from prospective and current customers seeking information or clarification on specific roofing jobs. You need to keep tabs on these qualifying leads. Keep track of phone leads by setting up call tracking in Google Ads and Google Analytics.

11. Roofing marketing should be multi-channel.

In the roofing industry, a channel is a method of promoting or engaging with customers. In the blink of an eye, customers may switch between channels. To learn more about you and your roofing firm, they may visit your website, read reviews, and get in touch with your office through their mobile phone. That’s why you need to have a presence on various social media sites and networks.

12. To get more roofing leads online, use geofence advertising.

A wonderful roofing marketing tip is to use geofencing advertising to help your firm find new customers.

With geofencing, you may encircle a specified region, such as your company, with an invisible barrier.

Property owners who enter the fence get a notice or see an ad for your roofing company on Facebook. They may consider contacting your company as a result of this.

If you’re a roofer, you should concentrate your efforts on conferences, trade exhibits, and similar gatherings where you may meet potential customers. Attendees will learn a lot about your roofing business via this method. If you own a roofing company, Geofencing is a great way to reach potential customers in locations where they are most likely to be considering your goods or services.

13. Measure Your Roofing Advertising Campaign’s Success Using Analytics

To have a successful roofing marketing plan, you need to be able to monitor and measure your outcomes. For instance, how does your roofing website stack out versus your competitors??

Despite their usefulness, site traffic and search engine rankings don’t tell the whole storey about how well your campaign is doing. Keep an eye on the following metrics to make sure your internet marketing and roofing website is operating at peak efficiency:

Advertising, revenue, and sales should all be tracked.

You can’t pay your team in ranks or online traffic, but you can in money. The amount of money that comes into your roofing firm daily is a solid sign of how successful your roofing marketing campaign has been.

However, how do you measure your sales and profits? You need to keep track of the number of leads you have and how they go through your roofing website. A solid roofing SEO plan will track qualified traffic, conversion rates and become engaged in conversion rate optimization.

Other internet marketing activities such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads should also be tracked to see how many calls you get.

14. Make Use Of Retinting Ads

Have you ever seen those commercials that appear to follow you across the Internet? For the remainder of the week, all you see are roofing contractor advertising when you do a search for them on Tuesday. When it comes to high-ticket services like roof repair or replacement, this tactic is known as ad retargeting is a smart move.

A technique called “retargeting” uses data gleaned from past web searches to serve up adverts that are more likely to be of interest to the prospective customer. For example, a potential customer may notice your adverts even if they aren’t actively looking for roofing services information, such as the average cost of a roof.

A variety of advertising platforms may be used to implement retargeting. Your roofing company’s name will become more familiar to prospective customers as they encounter your retargeting advertising over time. Retargeting ads are a great approach to expand your roofing business on a small budget.

Ideas for Offline Roofing Marketing to Find New Customers

15. Bad weather is a great opportunity to make money; therefore, don’t let it pass you.

To take advantage of weather-related profits, you should target your roofing marketing on local and seasonal demands.

Your customers may require gutter systems to handle rain barrels or heavy downpours to preserve rainwater, depending on where your firm is located. After a severe storm, many roofs in your region may have been damaged. Marketing and commercial activities may be timed to coincide with the weather in various ways.

Roofing companies may make the most of adverse weather by using PPC advertising. Focusing your marketing both locally and seasonally is a huge benefit of using these tools. Because PPC advertising can be created more quickly, you can take advantage of changing weather conditions. Traditional marketing approaches like billboards and paper can’t do that.

Is there a chance of a major rainstorm next month? A PPC ad for 20% or 30% off roof inspections immediately pushed customers to prepare for the storm. Remind prospective clients that the moment is right to tackle any substantial roofing improvements they have been putting off.

Using Google Advertising, you may target certain areas and only show your ads to people who live in those areas. In other words, marketing funds won’t be wasted in places where you can’t provide a service. It is possible to target many locations within a larger service area with different ad campaigns. You may also narrow your search to particular areas of a city.

16. Sponsoring a Local Event or Sports Team Is an Option.

Event planners, school groups, and sports teams in your region are probably looking for sponsors. Show your company’s support for a team by prominently printing your brand on their hats and jerseys. Your company’s name will be prominently shown at the event via signage, billboards, video projection, and other means of promoting your brand.

17. It’s time to send out a direct-mail campaign!

Direct mail might bring in new customers for a roofing company if done effectively. In today’s world of quick gratification, long-form letters aren’t as effective as pamphlets and postcards in capturing the attention of prospective customers. You may add a specific offer in your letter to track how successful it is.

You may increase brand exposure, leads, and recall by being more creative with your roofing direct mail campaign’s design. Consider coordinating your marketing plan with the style of your roofing business card.

18. Exhibitions as a Source of New Commercial Roofing Prospects

There are several benefits to attending trade exhibitions, including networking with potential partners, finding new customers, and raising awareness of your firm. Ensure that anybody who stops by your booth gets something they’ll like as a freebie. In addition, you may provide instructive information on home remodelling and residential roof repairs. Don’t forget to follow up with potential customers as the last point.

19. Offer a Freebie or Discount

Roofers that give freebies are more likely to get business from property owners. If a roofing company offers freebies, they are more likely to associate them. Your company’s brand recognition and uniqueness will rise or fall based on how you implement this roofing marketing plan.

A free bargain, such as a free roof estimate or inspection, may be offered. It may also help you build trust with potential customers and encourage them to keep your business in mind whenever they want a roofing contractor.

20. Involve yourself with the community around you.

Getting engaged in your local community is another low-cost method of marketing your roofing services. You may also volunteer to mend a neighbour’s roof. Use branded things like T-shirts, car wraps, and so on, no matter what you decide to do.

This will show your community that you care and help you obtain awareness simultaneously. If you want to reach a wider audience, you could also post about your community on social networking sites. As a result, the people in your neighbourhood will think of your company as one that puts their needs ahead of its own.

Use Technology to Build Your Roofing Company’s Brand

21. Automate Your Internet Marketing

Lead nurturing may be difficult and time-consuming, particularly when done by hand. Automate your communications to save time and effort. It’s important to plan out your social media postings and prepare an email sequence in advance and include SMS into your roofing website.

22. CRM technology can help you take care of your customers.

Roofing companies cannot function without lead. To maximize your chances of conversion, you need to produce as many high-quality leads as possible. Tracking leads using a CRM helps ensure that nothing slips between the cracks.

There are a variety of roofing CRM software programmes on the market today. Determine which one is best for your company’s requirements by monitoring them.

Incorporate New and Emerging Technologies into Your Service Delivery

Thanks to mobile applications, people’s internet searches for roofing services have been completely transformed. The estimate, design, material calculation, coordination and administration of projects are all possible with integrated mobile solutions for roofing.

To outrank their competition, roofers who stay current with technology will be able to book more work via digital customer interactions.

Wrapping Up Your Roofing Company’s Marketing Strategy

You may find it difficult to put all of the above roofing marketing suggestions into action, particularly if you are already swamped with other commitments.

Now that you’ve read this article, you’re well-equipped to promote your roofing firm online and offline.

Is there anything else you’d want to know? Perhaps you are unsure of what keywords to utilize or how to enhance your Google Ad campaign.

SEO, PPC, social media ads and more are constantly monitored at Rank Fire | SEO. Schedule a free strategy session online with one of our Growth Coaches to create a detailed internet marketing plan to meet the specific needs of your roofing business today.

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