How to Improve Your Local SEO with These 9 Types of Content

Improve Your Local SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

February 14, 2022

Producing content is a great strategy to rank for local keywords that are less competitive. Here are nine content ideas for local search engine optimization.

It used to be simple to rank for local SEO. Adding your NAP to the bottom and putting a few directory links in place might do the trick. You were on your way to the 7-Eleven on your way to the store.

The 7-pack was decreased to a 3-pack at some point, and local directory connections are no longer enough.

You need content to rise in local SEO rankings.

No matter how hard you try, you’re not going to be able to compete with big-name chains for phrases like “best doughnuts,” even if you’re the lucky owner of Blue Star Donuts. For example, “the best doughnuts in Portland” maybe a search word that you can rank for.

Is it still impossible for you to believe me? Just have a peek at the team’s work. By developing specialized local content, they saw a 300 per cent boost in visits.

They’re not the only ones.

The organic visibility of Bloomfield Dental Designs increased by 300 per cent after Search Geek Solutions developed local content.

Local, less competitive keywords might be ranked highly with the help of high-quality content.

In the absence of Beyonce and Jay-Z-level success, you’ll want to continue reading.

9 Content Ideas for Local Search Engine Optimization

Are all my locations going to need their unique content?

After conducting a content audit, my clients always ask this question since they hate the content production process.

And, secretly, I’m dreading the moment when my clients realize the content they worked so hard to create isn’t cutting it (see this GIF for full effect).

Even so, you run the danger of failing to update your places with fresh content. Nobody will come to your party unless you give them an invite.

The answer is simple: Become a content generator for your area.

Being one of a kind isn’t enough.

If you’re not from the area, you can’t participate.

Your local content must be current and useful to your target audience. To be on your website, every piece of content must have a purpose.

Here are some material forms that will aid in your local search engine optimization.

1.Webpage for a Particular City

Can you rank for local keyword keywords without a location webpage?

Having a location page makes ranking in local search engine results pages (SERPs).

Ambient Edge, an air conditioning repair firm with many sites, is a good example of a multi-location local business.

Each location had its page on the website. Here’s a glance at their Las Vegas page.

The Italian supermarket chain Di Bruno Bros. is another outstanding illustration of this.

And Roto-Rooter also got in on the fun. Here’s their New York City location page.

The next stage would be to build location-specific web pages, as Goodyear has already done. There’s a branch on Long Island that you can visit.

Those in the Freelance Business

How to locate and work with Fiverr Business contractors.

You should stick with a technique like Ambient Edge or Di Bruno Bros. for local SEO because it’s safe.

Construction of individual locations for every branch can be stressful for tiny local businesses, and it may also weaken the company’s position of influence.

It’s easy to keep things simple with just one sheet for each location.

2.a landing page for a particular region or state

It’s difficult to persuade any client to engage in greater content creation. It’s important to remember that content is king when competing in the local SEO arena.

Begin with the City or region where your locations are based and work your way outwards from there.

For example, consider New Life Appliance Repair. They started with country-specific websites and, subsequently, city-specific websites.

The best local content silos I’ve seen are right here.

They aren’t the only ones who have this problem.

Incfile, a solo-entrepreneur version of LegalZoom (but better), created state-specific pages.

Incfile (Full disclosure: First Page Strategy worked with Incfile as a customer).

The team conducted a buyer persona study before creating these state location websites.

They concluded that state-specific sites would improve the user experience for their clients. It also worked. Increased organic traffic, as well as greater conversions, were the results of Incfile.

3.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My one-stop-shop for local SEO content FAQ pages are so close.

People’s use of voice search is causing a shift in how people consume content.

A third of all smartphone searches are connected to the location.

BrightLocal found that 58% of consumers used voice search last year to find local company information.

Let me demonstrate to you why I believe this.

Investigate the topic by performing a search on Google for [what vaccinations does my dog require to be boarding?].

If you look at the FAQ pages of Pet Hotel Hadley, you’ll notice that they’ve been optimized and are now highlighted in the search results.

When I ask Siri the same query, I get this featured clip as the second result.

Because of this, FAQ pages might assist you in improving your local search engine rankings.

Another good example can be found in this paragraph.

If you’re looking to get waxed, type [is there an age limit for Waxing].

In the course of your journey, you’ll come across Waxing in the City’s excerpt.


For local business owners, specials and discounts are the best of the best.

Anyone who shops these days smartly is a coupon hoarder (guilty).

Be sure to provide your customers exactly what they want by tailoring local promotions to their needs.

This is something that hotels are well-known for.

St. Petersburg, Florida’s Trade Winds Resort is an excellent example. Those who live in Florida are eligible for a 13% discount.

A “locals-only” area of the Monterey Bay Aquarium website offers discounts and special events for residents.

Your target market is more likely to respond positively if you provide a discount that is particular to the area in which they live. They’ll appreciate how you treat them.

It’s fierce competition for local search engine rankings. There is no such thing as a too-small discount.

5.Organize Local Gatherings

Every Friday, I go through my Facebook events and check what’s going on during the weekend. Free yoga classes, charity dog washings, and other community events are commonplace in the area.

Seeing small businesses use Facebook events to spread the word about their products and services inspires me as a marketer. Because of this, I am not a fan of their website.

Whomp whomp, that’s what I say!

On your website, you’re missing out on a lot of local SEO power when you’re organizing an event in the area.

Here’s how Core Power Yoga announces its Austin events.

Alternatively, you may stick with STORY. They have happy hours once a week at a nearby brewery.

How my friends at The Wonder Jam organize in-person sessions is another example.

Alternatively, like WeWork, you might make your property an event space for hire.

Green Bench Brewery is also doing this.

If organizing events aren’t your cup of tea, go on to the next position on the list.

6.With the help of local events, you’ll be able to grow your business.

The first time you tried to order from the dollar menu at McDonald’s, did you feel overwhelmed by the thought of organizing a community event? Consider partnering with a local event if that’s an option.

Like Suncoast Credit Union with Swantoberfest. There were discounts for VIPs at the event, which they sponsored.

And it’s working, as well. Andar & Levine is a project I’m involved in through Jason Hennessey Consulting. Their best backlinks came from sponsorships in their home town.

You can see them in this photo from the Riptide Festival.

At the Sheriff’s Cup, as well.

A second time, for the 55th consecutive Christmas on Las Olas:

Talk about the local events if you can’t afford to support them.

In the case of N.Y. Fashion Week, for example, the digital agency LaunchMetrics in New York compiled a report on the latest trends in digital media.

The Mountain also discusses their partnership with a local institution to help campers strengthen their STEM abilities.. and so on.

Alternatively, you might offer local experiences such as Airbnb.

As well as Backwoods,

7.Content for the blog is the seventh item on this list.

This is where the magic takes place: in the blog posts, a regularly updated blog will help local businesses compete in the local SERPs.

You’re at a loss for words. For starters, here are some ideas to get you going:

Announcement of a New Place

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream wrote a blog entry for their new Wrigley store.

Mother Kombucha does the same thing by announcing the opening of new locations where their products will be sold.


How can Californians obtain affordable insurance? That’s the topic of a recent blog post from the folks at Kanopy Insurance.


Jeffcoat Law Offices can answer questions about Ohio’s marijuana legislation.

Publicity for New Products

Evergreen House Heating and Energy can provide better home heating in Seattle using a new Trane product.

Transcripts of Conversations and Testimonials

Asana interviews customers, and their words serve as testimonials.

8.”Best of” Compilations

Creating a list of “best of” items is like quoting T.I., “You can have everything you like.”

“Best Of” lists are designed to give readers a comprehensive overview of a subject.

Among other things, the Coffeebar has put up some fantastic coffee guidelines.

This moving guide for Lakeland, Florida, was created by Movoto.

PetYen created our pet-friendly neighbourhood guides in New York City.

In addition, the Restoration Hotel created this website with an interactive map.

9.Page Press

In the fast-food industry, press pages are like Wendy’s. You know it’s there, but you don’t give it a second thought.

I couldn’t stop staring at the photos of each WeWork facility on the company’s press page.

I’m drooling over the local material.

Also, you might collaborate with the media to create a press release like Gila River Arena at Westgate Entertainment Center general manager Dale Adams did here.

To get started, click here.

When it comes to local SEO, local business owners focused solely on their NAP and directory links. But, what about the content? ‘

For a long time, local company owners acquired an irrational aversion to writing about their businesses. Despite this, things are changing.

Your local business’s internet presence relies heavily on the quality of your content.

The importance of local search has skyrocketed, thanks largely to recent algorithmic changes.

To get the correct NAP and generate directory linkages, of course. Nevertheless, if you want to increase sales, you must produce hyperlocal content.

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