Starting a Roofing Company from the Ground Up | Here’s How

Starting a Roofing Company

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

January 12, 2022

You’re not alone if you’ve ever dreamed of starting and maintaining a profitable roofing business. Owning your own roofing company is a great way to control your work schedule, be your boss, and reap the financial benefits.

Every great roofing company began with a desire to succeed and a strong desire to succeed. Even the most successful businessmen globally, such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos, started with nothing.

While working in a field you enjoy is one thing, building a successful roofing business that provides for your employees and your own and your family’s needs is quite another.

It’s not easy to run a profitable roofing company. That explains why many roofing firms cease operations before they have even begun work. Having a profitable roofing business isn’t all that difficult when you know what to look for and what to avoid.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Roofing Business from Scratch

Starting a roofing business from the beginning doesn’t have to be difficult or difficult, but it does involve some effort and planning. When starting a roofing business from scratch, these are the ten most important things.

1. Is to Do Market Research

As a new roofer on the scene, you must conduct thorough market research. Investigate as much as possible how your competitors are meeting the demand for your roofing services. It’s not enough to know what your rivals already know.

Become a pro at analyzing your target market. Look for roofing-related keywords in your search. There is no need to be alarmed if your target market appears overcrowded. Use this as an edge in the marketplace. Because it is working for other roofers, it must be effective for you. There’s money to be made, of course!

2. Writing a business plan for your roofing company.

While it may not be the “funniest” component of beginning a business, it is a necessary one if you want to build a profitable roofing company. To be a successful roofing contractor, you need a well-thought-out business strategy.

Using this tool, your roofing company’s specifics and unknowns will be unearthed. You’ll need to address the following issues in your business plan.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Roofing Business?

As your roofing business expands, you’ll need more space to accommodate your employees. You must have a place to store your roofing materials. Renting or acquiring an administrative office and paying for high-speed Internet, personnel, and utility costs are all examples of additional expenses.

Employees and liability insurance expenses have to be factored in. Salaries, office supplies, and internet charges are some of the other recurring expenses.

Is The Roofing Industry A Successful Business?

Yes, you can make six figures in a few years if you start a roofing business. It’s not uncommon for roofing contractors to profit thousands of dollars a year. You can make your roofing business generate millions of dollars in profits each year if you expand across states, the country, and even individual counties.

What Can You Do To Increase The Profitability Of Your Roofing Business?

Your roofing company’s profitability can be improved by decreasing the cost of materials and labor while securing a steady flow of new customers. Start charging more for the identical services as your competitors once you’ve built up a good name for yourself as an excellent roofing contractor both offline and online.

Property owners are willing to pay a premium for the expertise that only comes with working with a seasoned roofing contractor. Renting a dumpster to another roofer is an option if you have one that you don’t use all week long. If you don’t use all your storage or office space, try renting it out to someone else.

Your New Roofing Company Needs A Name, But How Do You Come Up With One?

Choosing a name for a new roofing company can be as difficult as naming a newborn or a pet. Fortunately, we’ve already written a tutorial on picking a company name for your roofing business, so that should be helpful. While you wait, bear in mind these pointers for naming your roofing company:

-Avoid using long or difficult-to-pronounce names.

-ensure that no other roofers are using your selected name online or offline

-If you’re going to use a domain name or social media handles that include your name, consider how it will appear there.

If you think of your business plan as a blueprint of your firm, you’ll be better off. The following details should be included in any successful business plan:

  1. This section lays out your roofing services and the challenges they alleviate for your customers in detail.
  2. This section should focus on the market you’re targeting.
  3. It’s also important to think about how you want to market your roofing services and products.
  4. For the day-to-day functioning of your roofing business, you need an operational plan.

4. Create a Business Entity

Legal business entities like LLCs can protect you from being held accountable when your roofing firm is issued. Several business structures, such as partnerships, corporations, sole proprietorships, DBAs, and LLCs, are available for those in the roofing industry. The right one for your accountant or financial advisor will choose you.

5. Apply for a Tax ID Number.

The IRS website is the greatest place to learn about the different state and federal taxes that apply to your roofing business. The IRS’s Small Business and Self-Employment Center is a good place to start. In addition, you should examine your state’s tax requirements.

6. Set Up a Separate Roofing Business Bank Account and Credit Card

Opening a company credit card and bank account, personal assets should be safeguarded.

If your roofing company is sued, your assets (such as your home or car) could be in danger. In corporate speak, this is called “breaching the corporate veil.”

7. Acquire the Required Permits and Licenses.

Your roofing firm may be shut down if you fail to secure the required licenses and permits.

Requirements For Local And State-Level Business Licenses

To run a roofing business in your state, you may need various licenses and permits. Visit SBA’s license and permit reference to learn more about state licensing requirements in your area.

Commitment To Service

To commence a new project, roofing contractors must obtain a signed contract from their clients. Customers’ expectations are spelled out in this agreement, which eliminates legal wrangling by outlining payment terms, intellectual property ownership, and service standards.

An Occupancy Permit

You don’t need a warehouse to run roofing business. A certificate of occupancy is required for a roofing company that operates from a physical site. This certificate has all adhered to zoning, government, and building regulations.

8. secure an insurance policy.

Permits and insurance are both necessary for your new roofing business’s safe and legal operation. Unexpected risks are covered by various insurance policies designed for various sorts of businesses. It’s best to start with a basic general liability insurance policy, even if you’re not sure what kind of dangers your company faces.

Worker’s compensation insurance is another common policy linked with the roofing industry. Workers’ compensation insurance is almost certainly required if your roofing company has employees.

9. Promote and Market Your New Roofing Company

To whom should a property owner turn when they need a new roof installed?

If you want to run a profitable roofing business, you need to answer that question. Your roofing marketing is the answer. It can be difficult to know where to begin when you’re just getting started. To assist your roofing business build trust in generating referrals and getting new customers.

Use The Power Of The Internet To Promote Your Roofing Business Around The Clock.

There should be a constant flow of qualified leads coming in from your roofing website day and night. In terms of roofing marketing, the site you construct and the content you provide on it will impact, but simply having a website won’t magically increase sales.

You need these four things on your roofing website if you want to use it for marketing your business online:

  • Clients anticipate a page to load in under three seconds on a typical connection.
  • If you want your roofing website to rank well in search engines,:you need to include structured metadata such as optimized pictures, schema, and Meta and title tags in the coding.
  • Mobile-friendliness is a must for any roofing website: Tablets and smartphones account for more than half of all traffic in the United States.
  • It needs to be safe: According to Google, moreover, 40 percent of all roofing websites that appear on the first page of search results are HTTPS, confirming its preference for safe websites.
  • To be useful, it must deliver relevant information. High-quality content: The quality of your website is more important than the number of visitors it receives.

A trustworthy roofing website design firm like Rank Fire | SEO is a good place to start if any of the qualities mentioned earlier are missing from your website.

Redesigning Your Roofing Website Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

Requesting a website makeover from our specialists is an excellent method to improve the conversion rate of your roofing website. Every day of the year, our web designers and developers will be hard at work making your websites more effective at generating high-quality leads and increasing your roofing sales.

Make The Most Of Google’s Exposure

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical if you want to attract more roofing customers and leads (SERP).

The following advice will assist you to avoid showing up in Google search results:

  • It’s important to use keywords effectively and incorporate featured snippets into your content strategy.
  • To stay on top of Google Algorithm changes, make sure that your Google My Business listing is correct and full, and use local service ads.
  • Use directories such as Yelp, Angie’s List, or Thumbtack to promote your business online.

For roofers, managing staff and procuring materials might make it difficult to optimize their roofing website for search engines on their own.

Rank Fire | SEO’s team of skilled search engine optimization specialists can help your roofing website reach the top of Google and outrank your competition.

Invest In Pay-Per-Click Advertising To Increase Roofing Job Bookings

Pay-per-click advertising enables roofing companies to appear on the first page of Google search results. Ads are displayed by roofers, who receive a commission from the advertiser when one of their ads is clicked. With PPC, you can control the relevancy and visibility of your ads.

Get The Most Out Of Social Media Marketing And Retargeting

Remarket your roofing services to people who haven’t contacted you once you’ve built a website and started getting some traffic. This suggests that you can continue to serve them adverts even after they leave your site. As a rule of thumb, most potential customers will not reach out to you on their first effort.

The use of social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter is another excellent choice. A new client offer can be delivered directly to a customer using a combination of internet marketing and local service ads.

It’s Important To Keep An Eye On Your Online And Offline Reputations.

The reputation of a roofing company is an important consideration when choosing one. In the end, no homeowner wants to work with a contractor who produces substandard work, does not meet deadlines, or does not keep their promises.

When choosing a roofing contractor for commercial or residential projects, word-of-mouth referrals still play an important role. Request referrals from your satisfied customers to take advantage of these referrals.

Review sites such as Amazon and Yelp are also important resources. You must ensure that you get more Google reviews and respond to the ones you get. That can be too much work for you if you don’t have Rank Fire SEO to help you maintain your roofing company’s online and offline reputation.

Take Advantage Of Bad Weather To Make Money.

Marketing your roofing business by focusing on local and seasonal demands will help you earn some money out of bad weather.

Rain gutters and rain barrels may be needed by your clients depending on where your roofing company is located in the country. After a violent windstorm has caused damage or before a big downpour is a forecast, property owners may require a lot of roofs. These are just a few instances of how weather can influence marketing and commercial activity.

When the weather is poor, you may make the most of your time online by using pay-per-click marketing techniques. It is possible to target both seasonally and locally with these adverts.

If following the above advice seems overwhelming, know that you are not alone. We have assisted many other roofing contractors just like you. Running your roofing business should be your main priority, and we’ll handle the rest for you.

Schedule a free strategy session with one of our growth specialists if you need help generating more leads and sales for your new roofing business!

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