Plumber SEO Best Practices for Keywords and Local Search

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Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

January 10, 2022

Hundreds of professionals who have worked in the plumbing industry are part of our marketing, management, engineering, and design teams. The Rank Fire team shares what has worked for them to aid plumbing contractors and businesses. Why not share our expertise with our clients, hoping that it would help them improve their businesses?

SEO stands for what?

This acronym stands for “search engine optimization.” It’s the technique of regularly updating your online assets, such as your website, company listings, and directories, to appear in search results when clients type in certain keywords.

Plumbers have a lot to gain from SEO.

No, I’m not there. Find out what comes up when searching for “plumber” and your city’s name on Google. According to HubSpot, 75% of searchers only glance at the first page of results. There is much room for improvement if your plumbing firm doesn’t appear on the first page of search results.

Some simple SEO methods may help you increase your internet visibility and attract new clients if you’re prepared to put in the work.

Can a plumbing SEO firm help me?

However, you may utilize the following five tactics to lay a foundation and begin winning more business in your region without hiring an SEO consultant or agency (and we’ll provide some recommendations for that at the end).

1. Find plumbing keywords that are relevant to your business.

Include any keywords or phrases that a prospective consumer would type in to locate your organization in your website’s material. If a homeowner doesn’t already have a reliable plumber, don’t expect them to hunt up particular business names while searching for plumbing services.

For example, they’re looking up terms like:

2. Nearby plumbers

The best [city] plumbers are here.

How to repair a toilet that’s running

Words to Use in a Plumber’s Ad

For example, a person in Chicago with a running toilet would type in:

In Chicago, a plumber.

Plumber The city of Chicago in Illinois

a plumber from the city of Chicago

Nearby plumbers

3. Nearby plumbing companies

How to repair a toilet that’s running

It’s OK to include keywords like “Chicago sink repair plumber” or “Chicago repipe plumber” if you have a sub-specialty such as repairs or repiping.

Plumbing terms that go on and on and on

If you know that some clients would initially attempt to address the issue on their own, use lengthier terms like:

How to repair a clogged bathroom sink

A low level of pressure in the drain

Fix the dripping pipe.

Using a bulk keyword generator or keyword planner might help you develop short keyword phrases. Ask your staff the most often asked questions when using lengthier keywords, such as “questions” or similar. Before a consumer calls to set up an appointment, they can get a sense of what they might be looking for online.

Plumbers should participate in local search engine optimization (SEO).

Setting up local listings (referred also as local citations) in Google and Bing should be your next step after determining which keywords you want to target. To get the best possible results in local search results, these listings are vital, particularly for businesses with old or non-existent websites.

My Business on Google

When someone searches for your business on Google, having a Google, My Business page may help your business appear on the right side of the search results. Before making any changes to your listing, you must first “claim” and “verify” your listing. In your listing, be careful to provide as much information as possible for Google, for example:

What’s my phone number?






Indicating up on a map of Google

When a person searches for a plumber in their region, your Google My Business page allows you to show up in the results.

Each of your locations may be listed separately in Google if you have more than one. However, you should avoid reusing the same information on these sites. Here are some additional pointers for enhancing your local business listing.

Using Bing is a good idea, so don’t forget about it. Rank Fire and our other plumbing brands have discovered that Bing has a cheaper cost and better metrics than Google. Creating a Bing Places listing is a quick and easy way to get your business listed on Bing, but it’s not worth your effort.

The next step in plumbing website optimization is to target relevant keywords.

Keyword optimization means modifying your website, social media accounts, and online business listings like Yelp and Yellow Pages with phrases that best represent your company.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Website Pages

Starting with the main page and other pages in the site’s top navigation menu, look for natural methods to add keywords into your current content.


What you write on your homepage is entirely up to you.

‘Homeowners in the area can rely on our firm for excellent service.’

That may be improved by replacing it with…

Customers in the Atlanta region say, “Our plumbing business delivers excellent service.”

Optimization of the Meta Title and the Meta Descriptions

Your website’s meta title and meta description, which are displayed in the search results for your site, should incorporate keywords if feasible. Your web developer or manager should be able to point you in the right direction if you need assistance changing these settings.

Learn New Things and Write About Them

Keep it simple, please. Our most popular posts frequently revolve around the subjects we are most familiar with. You may write blog entries on repairing a leaky pipe or unclog a toilet to help consumers who may have typical inquiries.

This demonstrates to them that you are both informed and kind. Customers near you may look for these phrases, which might help you rank in search rankings. It’s possible that after reading your blog article, they’ll realize that calling a plumber is more convenient than trying to fix the problem themselves.

Google and Bing both accept sitemaps.

Your website development business or team should assist you in creating a sitemap of all the pages on your site. The sitemap should then be submitted to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. Search engines will then be prompted to crawl your material and deliver it to people who are most likely interested in it.

If you don’t already have a website, it’s time to acquire one. Online gaming isn’t going anywhere, so you may as well get on board while the getting is good—# toughlove. Make use of social networking platforms, such as LinkedIn and Houzz. Each one of those sites is a fan of original material and videos.

To have a web presence, list your services in plumbing directories in your area.

Link building is the process of obtaining connections to your website from other trustworthy websites. These are votes of confidence in Google.

Credibility may be increased by establishing relationships based on your city, such as the Chamber of Commerce. It demonstrates that you are a part of the local community, enables you to meet new people, and helps you create backlinks to your website all in the same breath.

Add your business to the local directories by selecting a category from the drop-down menu. There are several ways to get your plumbing company included on Yelp and Angie’s List, as well as Houzz. As a starting point, I recommend this list.

4.You should not pay to get links.

If you’re going too far, you can end up paying for links or otherwise engaging in link schemes that are against Google’s terms of service. Learn about ethical strategies to create links, such as contributing to news or how-to articles on other websites. If you’re paying for a link, don’t do it. You will be penalized by Google because of it. #googleknowsall

To save time, compile a list of your company’s details ahead of time and then just copy and paste them into your online accounts. Filling out membership and directory listing forms will be a lot easier now.

It’s time to increase the number of customer reviews you have.

To demonstrate to Google and prospective consumers that they can rely on you, collect reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business.

Ask for Opinions and Feedback

If clients aren’t posting evaluations on your company’s website, directly ask them to do so. Remind them of the value of online reviews and their role in promoting your brand. If you know their email address, you may send them a message with a link to your profiles so they can leave a review even faster.

5.Respond to the Reviews

It doesn’t matter how great or bad the review is; thank the reviewer for their input and solve any issues. This demonstrates that you are attentive to their input and take it seriously.

Advice: Don’t bother checking for reviews manually regularly. To reply to all of your company’s new reviews, you may want to sign up for a review management platform.

6.Keep track of your progress.

To see whether your SEO efforts are paying off, you’ll want to use a tool like this one. Set up tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor visitors to your website over time. As time passes, you want to check whether the number of people visiting your site and filling out contact forms has increased.

If you haven’t previously done so, now is the time to investigate your choices for tracking client calls and online form submissions. The number of calls may seem to be increasing, but it’s important to check this with actual data.

Google Analytics has a lot of data, and it’s simple to become lost in it. To keep things simple, I suggest focusing on organic sessions or the number of users that found your site via a search engine. A report that displays both may be found by heading to “Acquisitions” > “All Traffic” > Channels. Make it a mission to track significant interactions, such as phone calls or contact forms, on your website the next time you log in.

Getting SEO Help for Plumbing

Plumbing companies may choose from a wide variety of SEO tactics. To begin with, you may feel overwhelmed, particularly if you have a lot going on in the rest of your business. Consider employing an SEO expert or agency after you’ve gained a fundamental grasp of what it is and why it is so vital.

What to Ask Your SEO Company

How can you tell whether a company is good at SEO?

Is this your first time working with a plumbing company? If so, how did it go for you?

The service provider must work with other local companies since a local SEO strategy is vital for your plumbing company’s online visibility.

What would your approach be if you were running my company?

Know what to expect in the first several months or perhaps a year of working with them. Get a clear picture of what is expected of you and how long it will take to see results.

Be wary of promises. The sooner you find a company that promises results in less than a few months, the better. When it comes to SEO, success might take months or even years, depending on aspects such as how competitive your industry is and whether or not you are beginning from scratch.

How do you go about developing links?

A company that engages in link schemes should be avoided. Getting your company punished by Google might wipe out all your hard work.

As a web developer, do you also write content for your site?

You may not have the time or technical expertise to compose blog posts or make website updates, but if you don’t, be sure your marketing professional can offer these services for you or direct you to a trusted business they can recommend to you.

When will I get a report? Can you provide an example of your work?

Predict when an SEO report will arrive and set aside time to analyze it so that you are actively participating in the process. If you don’t understand anything, don’t be scared to ask a question.

If you don’t understand what something means or why it’s essential, you’re perfectly OK. Any expert worth their salt will make it a top priority to explain things to you. You’ll see how detailed their reporting is if they provide you with a sample report.

Rank Fire Offers More Assistance

SEO is a powerful marketing strategy that may help you get more website visitors from search engines and, ultimately, more revenue. Rank Fire is here to assist you in any way we can. Share your toughest difficulty with plumbing SEO with us through social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn).

Is there anything else you’d want to know about plumbing advertising? Here are six methods to utilize social media to promote your plumbing company.

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