Why Cheap SEO Services Aren’t Your Company’s Friend

Cheap SEO Services

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

January 2, 2022

Why Cheap SEO Services Aren’t Your Company’s Friend

Professional search engine optimization (SEO) services are available for less than $100 per month. This pricing sounds excellent to many small-to-midsized enterprises (SMBs) with restricted finances. It isn’t, though, since low-cost SEO services generate problems for both you and your organization.

If you’re looking for a low-cost SEO solution for your company, this tutorial is for you. It gives your firm a thorough and honest summary of the risks associated with low-cost SEO services. It also provides methods for making SEO accessible to your company.

To get started, watch our video on the true cost of SEO services.

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What are cheap SEO services?

The term “cheap SEO services” may be defined in various ways. Your company’s budget and income often influence them, which are generally related to its size. While $5000 per month may seem like a bargain to a large corporation, it will make a small firm wince.

Low-cost SEO services have become associated with low-cost SEO in any case. Today, the term “cheap SEO” refers to more than just the cost of the service. It also applies to the quality of service and strategic outcomes, which is why this kind of service isn’t your company’s best buddy.

You’re looking for SEO services that are both high-quality and reliable. When you search for SEO services using terms like “cheap” or “low cost,” you expose your organization to spammy and untrustworthy firms that may ruin your company’s reputation, income, and online visibility.

Why is cheap SEO a bad thing?

With so many services advertising low-cost SEO, businesses sometimes wonder, “Why is low-cost search engine optimization a negative thing?” It’s reasonable to inquire. For example, searching for “cheap SEO services” returns hundreds of businesses claiming to provide low-cost SEO.

While your company may choose from a range of inexpensive SEO services, they all provide the same experience and low costs. If you’re serious about using these firms, you should be aware of the several disadvantages of low-cost SEO services.

5 convincing reasons to stay away from low-cost SEO services

Find out more about the five drawbacks of cheap SEO and low-cost SEO agencies:

Cheap SEO services = One-size-fits-all strategies

For low-cost SEO firms, your company is just like everyone else’s. Nothing about your business, its goods or services, industry, or rivals is unique. As a result, your company receives a cookie-cutter SEO plan.

If you’re acquainted with SEO, you know that copy-and-paste methods are ineffective. Like any other digital marketing technique, SEO necessitates a unique strategy for your company. What works for a manufacturing organization won’t work for your eCommerce site.

A company that offers low-cost SEO services is unconcerned with what works and doesn’t in SEO. They are paid every month, follow their service script, and then move to the next customer. Because SEO might take months to produce any effects, they won’t have to deal with your discontent for a long time.

As a result, agencies may charge less than $100 per month for services. With every customer, they use the same method. The person in charge of your account doesn’t have to waste time investigating your company; instead, they can begin their one-size-fits-all strategy right away.

On the other hand, SEO companies at affordable charges provide an entirely different experience. There are no service templates available. Instead, they start from the ground up, learning all they can talk about your company, industry, goods, and even rivals.

When you work with one of these firms, you’ll get a unique approach. Everything about your business is unique, from your brand to your workforce to your benefits, and these agencies understand that.

Quick Summary

For low-cost SEO, a personalized technique isn’t in the budget. Expect a copy-and-paste method if you work with a low-cost SEO firm. It won’t perform well or provide the desired outcomes, so be prepared to present some less-than-stellar data with your company’s decision-makers.

Cheap SEO services = Frustrating customer services

Nobody loves bad customer service, yet it’s a hallmark of low-cost SEO firms. It’s difficult to receive anything from account managers at low-cost SEO services, whether you want to ask a question, get a performance report, or talk strategy.

Worst of all, you’re paying a monthly fee to be ignored. Your firm submits a payment every month, but your agency fails to follow through on its promise to offer top-notch assistance for your staff and organization.

Language difficulties and time zone variations are other sources of aggravation for firms engaging in low-cost SEO. Many of these organizations outsource their work to countries outside the United States to save money. Communication may be difficult as a result of this setup.

For example, to get a phone call from your account manager, your staff may have to remain late (or come to work early). Due to language issues, you may have challenges and misunderstandings across channels, from phone to email.

Furthermore, your account manager is unfamiliar with your company. They know your company’s name and that you’re the main point of contact, but that’s about it. Remember that your plan is being copied and pasted by others.

They don’t need to be familiar with your business.

Your life will not get any simpler if you choose low-cost SEO services. It gets confusing, causing dissatisfaction and friction among your staff and decision-makers at your firm. The financial reductions that come with low-cost search engine optimization aren’t worth it for many firms.

Quick Summary

A low-cost SEO firm views your organization as a number, not a name. Not to mention, their staff’s location and time zone might lead to delayed answers, misunderstanding, and other aggravating events, all of which add stress to your day.

Cheap SEO services = Inexperienced account managers

Because low-cost SEO firms use a copy-and-paste strategy, they don’t need professional account managers. They quickly onboard new employees and provide them with a basic script for improving your company’s website.

These businesses have no need to hire SEO experts. They aren’t creating unique campaigns or using competitive keywords to target. Instead, they’re just giving your company the minimal essentials when it comes to SEO.

Furthermore, hiring someone with SEO skills is too expensive for a low-cost SEO firm.

Furthermore, professionals with professional SEO knowledge are uninterested in working with these firms. They understand how these services work and why they are destructive to businesses like yours because of their SEO experience.

The lack of expertise at low-cost SEO services might significantly influence the effectiveness of your campaign. Your account manager, for example, may utilize black-hat practices to boost your site’s ranking, which might result in a Google penalty.

Not to talk about the fact that you’re paying for a specialized service provided by someone with little experience in the field at all! As a result, firms that can only afford low-cost SEO services often adopt the proactive approach of training their employees. Your plan may then be managed and led by your team.

Quick Summary

Agencies that provide low-cost SEO services keep their costs low by employing people with no prior knowledge in the field. In certain circumstances, an account manager with less SEO knowledge than your team holds your approach back, preventing your company from generating significant SEO results.

Cheap SEO services = Black-hat SEO tactics

Copy-and-paste tactics make it tough for low-cost SEO firms to provide results for their customers. As a result, many people turn to black-hat strategies. A black-hat strategy employs deception to persuade search engines to boost your site’s rating in search results.

In the SEO world, these strategies are well-known. They’re so well-known that search engines like Google have modified their algorithms to penalize rather than reward them. On the other hand, many low-cost SEO firms continue to use black-hat SEO.

This conclusion is based on the knowledge and expertise of low-cost SEO firms. They don’t keep up with industry standards and other SEO firms. Worse, they are unconcerned about the consequences of a Google penalty on your website.

A Google penalty may have both short- and long-term consequences for your website. Google may eliminate your website from its search results if you have one on your site. This implies that Google will no longer send visitors to your website, which may directly affect your bottom line.

In the case of an online company, you may observe a weekly decline in revenue that is considerable. That’s because your company isn’t showing up in search results anymore. They look for a product, compare it to a competition, and buy it.

At the same time, you’re making a monthly payment to that low-cost SEO firm. You’re paying this agency to help your company develop and make more money, but they’re lowering your revenues and reducing your exposure in search results.

This is the complete polar opposite of what an SEO firm performs.

Quick Summary

A low-cost SEO firm can’t afford to stay up with industry SEO best practices. They don’t want to spend the time upgrading their service template (or even going so far as to design a bespoke plan), so they rely on out-of-date strategies that undermine your company’s profitability.

Cheap SEO services = Zero SEO assets

As search engines have progressed, so have their algorithms. That’s why SEO strategies often prioritize assets with long-term worth, such as original material and connections to that content from other websites.

A respectable SEO firm will create high-quality, unique content for your website. Due to its high quality and potential to assist people, this kind of content is easy to link to. The more links you have, the more likely it is that your content will appear higher in search results.

If you choose a low-cost SEO firm, they won’t assist you with this crucial aspect of SEO.

They lack the personnel and expertise necessary to implement such a plan. Furthermore, this kind of material for your website would need a unique strategy. Remember that low-cost SEO services don’t allow for any customization — they’re just copy-and-paste.

This single truth makes many organizations reconsider their interest in low-cost SEO. Why would you pay for a cookie-cutter plan, a few black-hat methods, and no results? It’s a waste of money that may be better spent on SEO training for your internal staff.

Quick Summary

A low-cost SEO firm gives your organization no assets of long-term worth. For example, a high-quality backlink profile may help current and future content rank. Low-cost SEO services do not have the knowledge or resources to market your company, even though renowned organizations often feature them.

Why are low-cost SEO firms still in business?

Given the many disadvantages of cheap SEO businesses and low-cost SEO services, it’s understandable to question why they continue to exist. While these firms have a high customer attrition rate, they also use aggressive client acquisition strategies.

They could, for example, utilize cold calling to sign up new consumers. They may even hijack customers from respected companies, using intimidation tactics to gain control of these organizations. To entice SMBs, several companies advertise their inexpensive rates.

In other words, low-cost SEO firms prioritize customer acquisition above client retention. Because SEO is a long-term plan, this action reveals the agencies’ lack of industry knowledge.

They don’t care whether you stay as a client. They’re seeking their next client as soon as they sign you (and lock you into a contract). On the other hand, a respectable SEO firm establishes a long-term connection with you by learning about you and your organization, as well as your objectives.

How much should SEO services cost in reality?

While larger companies may pay more, this pricing range is a good starting point for small businesses. It’s also a good resource when looking for SEO firms. If an agency provides services for less than this range or advertises the affordability of their services, they may be a low-cost SEO firm.

You do have choices if the cost of reputable and dependable SEO services surpasses your budget.

What if my firm is unable to purchase expensive SEO services??

Professional SEO services may be out of your pricing range, depending on your business and marketing budget. That doesn’t, however, mean that your firm should go with the cheapest SEO service out there. While they may be within your budget, they will not satisfy your SEO objectives or expectations.

You have a few choices if you can’t afford reputable SEO services:

Invest in SEO training

Even if you can afford expert SEO services, understanding SEO is beneficial. It’s even more valuable if you can’t afford SEO services since you can start improving your company’s website once you have SEO expertise.

Your organization will not be required to pay for SEO training courses, conferences, or seminars. There is a wealth of free knowledge available on the internet. On the other hand, a class may assist your employees in learning more about SEO and receive some hands-on experience.

Several of the greatest websites in the market for SEO training and knowledge include the following:

  •      Backlinko
  •      Moz
  •      Rank Fire
  •      Search Engine Land

You may utilise these resources to not only educate yourself on SEO, but also to remain current on the subject.


Employ a search engine optimization consultant

You might also check into the cost of hiring an SEO consultant if you need expert help on your SEO approach. Your company pays an hourly charge to an SEO consultant for their services, which often concentrate on finding faults with your site as well as possibilities.

A consultant’s hourly rate ranges from $80 to $200.

While a consultant can put their advice into action for you, it’s more cost-effective for your staff to do so. You may need to collaborate with your development team based on your consultant’s advice.

A consultant could recommend updating your website to include a footer containing your company’s name, phone number, and address, for example. Alternatively, they may suggest reorganizing your primary navigation bar to improve the user experience.

Suppose you decide to engage a consultant, set aside a certain amount of time in advance. You don’t want to go over your consulting budget, so take this proactive action now to avoid overpaying.

Build company support for SEO

Because firm decision-makers do not support or understand SEO, marketing teams are often given unreasonable SEO budgets. Building support for SEO inside your company might result in a budget rise; however, it may take some time and work.

Search engine optimization (SEO) may be taught to corporate leaders by using these resources:

  •      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for CEO’s Guide
  •      SEO for Dummies: The Ultimate Guide to Winning Over Your Boss
  •      SEO Marketing to the C-Suite

These materials may help you create your plan for convincing your organization’s executives to invest in SEO, whether you talk to them over a cup of coffee or give a presentation to the whole C-suite. They may also illuminate what’s preventing your executive team from embracing SEO.

Start an in-house SEO strategy

Take the proactive approach and begin an SEO campaign in-house if you can only afford inexpensive SEO services. You may design a strategy that goes above the skills of a low-cost SEO firm using your training.

Additionally, you may put your SEO investment toward more beneficial tools and resources for your company. You may, for example, employ a freelancer to produce optimized text for your website or a graphic designer to build an infographic.

The success of an in-house SEO strategy may lead to a larger investment the following year for many businesses. With this additional budget, you may hire a renowned and trustworthy agency for your company.

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